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Your highness

This man dying of an inoperable brain cancer cannot see his children before he dies as they live in a different state in Australia. The Queensland State government has closed the borders to Aussies from other states, but Tom Hanks has been welcomed with open arms


Blade Runner: San Francisco

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Neptune Will Make Its Closest Approach To The Earth This Week: 3 Things To Know

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:lebanon: #LEBANON
:fire: After another bang, a fire broke out AGAIN in the port of Beirut
A Lebanese military source said the fire broke out in a warehouse storing tyres and oil.

:fire: После очередного взрыва в порту Бейрута ОПЯТЬ вспыхнул пожар
Ливанский военный источник сообщил, что пожар возник на складе, где хранятся шины и нефть.

:lebanon: #LEBANON | TODAY
:fire: Beirut port fire intensifies

:lebanon: #LEBANON | TODAY
The Beirut skyline, now
Так выглядит небо Бейрута сейчас

:lebanon: #LEBANON | TODAY
:fire:Несколько часов после возгорания пожар в многострадальном порту Бейрута все еще продолжает гореть

:lebanon: #ЛИВАН | СЕГОДНЯ
:fire: Несколько часов после возгорания пожар в многострадальном порту Бейрута все еще продолжает гореть

:lebanon: #LEBANON | TODAY
:fire: The fire started in a warehouse belonging to a private company that imported cooking oil. It then spread to a stock of rubber tires, the port’s interim general manager, Bassem El-Kaissi, said in a telephone interview.
In addition, 500,000 liters of oil were stored in the burned-out hangar.

:lebanon: #ЛИВАН | СЕГОДНЯ
:fire: Пожар начался на складе, принадлежащем частной компании, которая импортировала растительное масло. Затем он распространился на склад с резиновыми шинами, рассказал директор порта Бассем Эль-Каисси
Кроме того, в сгоревшем ангаре хранилось 500 000 литров нефти

Not projection

This technology exist and has been slowly been shown to the public

And all the Marvel movies are encyclopedia chapters in the Black World Encyclopedia

So Antman 2 covers

Quantum Suits aka Shadow people aka HD2B

Rick and Morty also covers it

Rick says “guys we get it’s a code red enough"

the end he says insivible troopers stand down

These are our demons lol

Most recent Tenet covered it

And Avengers covered it too

The last episode of Solar Opposites covers it as well

The powers that be try to cover up this technology

Battery :battery: was not fully charged

Problems with the suit, suit malfunctioning

This is a great explanation. Makes more sense now. Thank you!

Some of us in the room have even seen video with Radio Chatter

That was then deleted from our devices

Such as

This video was re-edited

The raw footage

Contains a radio transmission in which the HD2B is told to be back by 9am

But was vanished from the Internet

@Open_Eyes00 @miette057 and others can attest to this

You can’t use bullets to kill HD2B

Only lasers


So many dots connecting in my head right now. So if the US needs dazzlers then this tech is being used by enemy soldiers?

It’s being used by Black Hats

Oh, that’s right.

Do you remember the mysterious drones in the Midwest

Yeah. There was a radio crackle that said something like be back by 9 and everyone heard it. And then the raw footage audio was wiped and no one could find another copy online where the audio hadn’t been altered.

Which were seen near nuclear sites