you should post a compilation video

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you should post a compilation video

I’m losing friends over this what can you do

I told friends to get lost :wink:


对很多中国人来说,苦日子还没开始。昔时繁华已成梦。 :pleading_face:

It is inconvenient to isolate life. I asked the janitor to buy a bucket of water. The bucket was broken and lost 30 yuan. A friend brought in a few chicken legs. He drove to buy it and was fined 100 yuan. “Into”, the chicken leg was fined into a sky-high chicken leg. Every day, I lie still and consume less energy. It is enough to eat a few mouthfuls of rice and cabbage.

For many Chinese, hard times have not yet begun. The prosperity of the past has become a dream.

Natural selection at it’s finest.

March 9, in Xinxiang, Henan. A dealer in his vehicle refused to cooperate with the police. Currently, three police officers have been transported to the hospital due to injuries.

Who made that?
So cool!

ITALY IN TOTAL QUARANTINE. CONTE: "We must renounce everything to save Italy, our grandparents, our parents and our children.!

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My mind will be ok


General escape to Rebibbia prison in Romae: Of a total of 56 fugitives, 36 were caught and 20 are still on the loose.

:us: US Army Europe commander may have been exposed to COVID-19 at a recent conference.

Grocery store is definitely busier today midtown Manhattan