You said something online we’re are here to scold you or

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What am I looking at?

You said something online we’re are here to scold you or

Hi we are here to lock you in

今天央视新闻五十多分钟,传达了习的重要指示, 催促各地赶紧复工。其实2月3号已经下了指示,无人肯听。


所以今天的数字一定是为了给习近平难看。这次疫情控不住,习近平会下台。谁上就不知道了。但是体制改革还有很远的路要走。 Today, CCTV News delivered more than 50 minutes of important instructions from Xi and urged localities to resume work quickly. In fact, the instructions were given on February 3, and no one would listen.

Prior to today, many departments of the central government had already ordered that no obstruction to resumption of work, no break in the road, no repatriation were allowed, but no one listened at all. As far as I know, as of today, in Hebei Province, buses and buses are not open, shops are closed, communities and villages are still closed, and control measures are still in place. How can I resume work?

It ’s not that the people are dying. In fact, many people who want to work also want to go out. The main reason is that local bureaucrats do not agree to return to work. They have to consider their own lives. Nowadays, domestic news is full of stories about infection and prevention and control in various places. Bureaucrats look at these every day and are afraid. Now even environmental protection is not checked, many large factories have never stopped work, such as glass, steel, ceramics factories.
So today’s figures must be ugly to Xi Jinping. Xi Jinping will step down if the outbreak cannot be controlled. No one knows who is going. But system reform still has a long way to go.

/r/nosleep, where this is posted, is a subreddit for scary stories

Not making a judgment on veracity either way but that should factor into your judgment

How much of it or all of it?

My impression is that this is the type of “fake news” that could discredit this site. I would recommend to take it down. Before long it will make all of the real news also seem fake.

See this^

So either make it clear that this is fake news or delete it.

He’s right about the current level of technology being hidden from the public. That the public is uninitiated. The majority of the rest is hard to follow. This portion is true.

The rest I would take with a grain of salt

BIG grain…


The Nukes are real

No idea why he would think that

That Reddit story is fiction with some truth woven in. It’s like from a bad creative writing class.

fake news like this devalues all good news…

It’s easy to feel the difference though. Like when they tell you 1300 people have died.
Feel that in your body.
It’s just untrue.

I’m calling it

Corona unMaskeD

to sort of ape the 2019-nCoV camel casing


heck might as well put the dash





前一张是武昌区长道歉时穿的防护服,后一张是湖北某地医生穿的防护服。The previous one is the protective clothing worn by the mayor of Wuchang when he apologized, and the latter is the protective clothing worn by a doctor somewhere in Hubei. (what is wrong with this picture?)