You make this? It's perfect

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You make this? It’s perfect

Lady Gaga was supposed to do a concert (Half Time Show) in space

On one of Branson’s rockets (Virgin Galactic)

But it crashed in October 2014

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What does gwoht stand for?

Global War on Human Traffickers

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Public is unaware

One Year go to Oaxaca for Dia de los Muertos

Maybe the last batch of the season :disappointed::tomato:

PG&E Is Under Investigation for Starting Deadly Zogg Wildfire

Using the Pandemic as an Opportunity to Lose Weight and Get in Shape

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“Operation Moonshot”

£100 billion to be spent on a new “biosecurity centre” and proof-of-vaccine “digital passports”. details in the British Medical Journal


:sweat_smile: How do you like it, Elon Musk? The blogger launched DOOM on a calculator charged by potatoes.

The guy under the nickname onesmallserving shared a video on Reddit as he plays on a calculator in DOOM, charged by 200 potatoes.

Why potatoes and where does electricity come from? The guy explains that every potato has phosphoric acid, and if you put something with zinc in the potatoes - such as a nail - it will “eat” this object. This chemical reaction also generates energy.

And if you also cook potatoes, they will generate 10 times more electricity. The calculator was chosen because it does not require much energy to maintain its operation, and it is easy to run DOOM on it.

Fibrotex Technologies Nightwalker Thermal Camouflage Suit

How To Build A Thermal Evasion Suit

:arrow_up: All part of Subterranean Warfare 101

:arrow_up::arrow_up::arrow_up: It’s amazing Citizens are doing Law Enforcement job

This spacecraft is being readied for a one-way mission to deflect an asteroid

DARPA Selects Gibbs and Cox for Sea Train Concept

Security forces airmen getting new, special operations-like helmets

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