You have to listen to this.

⤺ reposted by @0x1gucy8 from NZ Intelligence agency(s) have been advertising vacancies on local TV and Radio stations for the last two or three days. This is extremely unusual and has never happened before (that I know of).

O shit

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This is no shit


You have bigger things you should be concerned about. Last week 77 Janet flights flew into Area 51 on October 15th

7 flights = 100%
77 flights = x

(77 * 100%) ÷ 7 = x
(7700)% ÷ 7 = x
1100% = x

1,100% increase

Yesterday it was 84 Janet Flights

So ask yourself why are so many record number flights going into Area 51

When usual it’s between 7 to 10 per day

And those are facts not conspiracy theories. I’m concerned what they are hunkering down for and why are they scrubbing the flight logs.

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Hello All,

Just checked the Janet count for today we are at 32 already thats between the first flight that left at 2:32am (pst) and the most recent one that just left at 12:37pm pst

This is super concerning behavior
And irregularities are occurring

A normal Janet leaves at 6am arrives back in Vegas 8pm
These are normal working hours
And 5-7 flights a day is the standardized amount = to staff ratio

Now we see a spike of 84 yesterday and we are at 32 all ready for today, how many staff do you need in one base!!!

What is going on at Area 51
That requires 4590 people in one day ???

Full update 3am est
I will be adding more flight during day and I’m watching everything
And keeping records!!!

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Friday Vibes

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Meanwhile at Azazel HQ

Reminds me of the catacombs under Paris


Guys my mind is a mess right now


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Mental stimulation

Next week we can expect a general curfew in Europe and confinements

im gonna look for mental stimulation books and quizes

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