you have family or a significant other you're taking care of too?

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you have family or a significant other you’re taking care of too?


Are you single?? Lol

They make a mac11 in 5.7 i really want one

No I’m not single, I have people to take care of

just genuinely curious

Never seen something like that before :joy: I’m truly amazed . I want to get on that level myself one day

I was just teasing. Yes, his set up is fantastic.

We all should be to an extent. We live in a bubble of a reality that mankind has created. It’s beautiful in here, but we cant forget, it is a bubble. We are animals before we are civil human beings.

Hey he’s well set up and he likes good music!

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They aren’t allowing anyone to get visas and have cancelled all flights from countries infected.

sorry. meant to post this

Lol :joy:

Yes they spread it

Came to Pakistan through them