Yesterday's haul

Yesterday’s haul

⤺ reposted by @FreeWifi14 from Fucking clown world. Even with a remarkably generous severance including an enormous options window (cleverly allowing those who “disagree with the mission” to leverage its financial wins 😂)

How much did that run you


How many per bag

Larger bags on the right are 100, smaller bags are 50s

Damn bro. You scam those

Reloads? Let us in! Tell us the secret

Don’t be this guy. You need food/water

walking loot bag

but yes dont be that guy

guys if you are going to post toys please take a screenshot of it

and don’t post with actual Meta Data

and not identfying data


Correction $234 total. That pic is haul from both partner + me

How much that work out as per round

Trump gave orders to his death squads to prepare for violence. Don’t expect them to ask for party affiliation. They will be violent with everyone. Be prepared.

This is exactly what Chavez did in Venezuela

Source ?

Not seen that yet myself

Proud Boys are death squads?


guys please no politics