Yes, today warehouse burning where tires and oil were stored

Yes, today warehouse burning where tires and oil were stored

Only unclear why the hell was everything stored there in one heap ?!
And why there were several explosions before the fire

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Kind of wondering why not get the people out… you know… BEFORE you start setting a bunch of potentially noxious fumey chokey objects on fire? Nope… evac after the fact… because ahead of time would be smart… :woman_facepalming:t2::woman_shrugging:t2::roll_eyes:

In such countries (as and in Russia), the leadership thinks not with head, but with opposite place
Therefore, people in so countries live sucks, but rulers live in a big way…

Apparently, oxygen is overrated. lol

In Russian it’s called “бардак”
But how to say in English don’t know
Need will to ask M :grin:


Only worse Lol

Gotcha! :rofl:

:ru: #RUSSIA
:black_small_square:Locomotive rammed a bus in Tver
:black_small_square:And in Tomsk — where Navalny went before the poisoning — competitions in high-speed digging of graves were held…
It wonder why there would be such a strange kind of competition?
However, in Tver region, too, wherever’ll go, everything is ‘wonderful’ :upside_down_face:

:ru: #РОССИЯ
:black_small_square:В Твери локомотив протаранил автобус.
:black_small_square:А в Томске — куда Навальный ездил перед отравлением — прошли соревнования по скоростному выкапыванию могил…
Интересно, к чему бы вдруг такой странный вид соревнований?!
Впрочем, в Тверской области тоже, куда ни пойди, всё "замечательно":upside_down_face:


:fu: The road sign contains the names of settlements:

:arrow_left: Big Shit
Cemetery :arrow_right:

:us::cn: A bill has been introduced in the US Congress to ban called Xi Jinping president.
Xi holds so many titles that he has earned himself a nickname: the “Chairman of Everything.”
The bill, called the “Name the Enemy Act,” was introduced to the House of Representatives on August 7 by Republican Rep. Scott Perry of Pennsylvania.

“China is not a democracy, and its citizens have no right to vote, assemble, or speak freely,” said the US-China Economic and Security Review Commission. “Giving General Secretary Xi the unearned title of ‘President’ lends a veneer of democratic legitimacy to the CCP and Xi’s authoritarian rule.”

:us::cn: В Конгресс США внесен законопроект, запрещающий называть Си Цзиньпина президентом. Но будет ли ему до этого дело?
У Си так много титулов, что он заработал себе прозвище: «Председатель всего».

«Китай — не демократия, у его граждан нет права голоса, собраний или свободы слова. Президентский титул Си Цзиньпина придает Компартии Китая и авторитарному правлению Си лоск демократической легитимности», — говорится в заключении правительственной комиссии по безопасности и экономике в отношениях с Китаем.

Interesting bill…
Needful add Putin and Lukashenko there Lol

Cold records over the past 24 hours.

65 killed, 330,000 left homeless in Niger floods.

Совсем хаос?


Бардак - это среднее между хаосом и борделем
a cross between chaos and a brothel lol


Is what we would say

Or clusterfuck

Or Tuesday :kissing_heart::joy:

:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: That’s my usual. “So, you’re saying it’s a Tuesday…”

I had a feeling you’d catch that)

ВСЁ НОРМАЛЬНО :fire::sweat_smile:

These were Tuesdays prior to 2020.

The scale for how much shitshow and clusterfuck can be encapsulated in a typical Tuesday has shifted.

Now, I just wonder which day-week it is and then I count those up in (sub)standard month-years. It’s not a perfect system, but it’ll have to do.


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