Yes. For the first reference try

Yes. For the first reference try

And if you wanna skip to the info relevant to
Oxygen Concentrators listen from about 45 minutes in. The main speaker is: James Wesley Rawles from

Then for the second reference about hydrogen peroxide and nebulisers you can go to:

This is an infowars broadcast and an interview with Dr Thomas Levy. The whole interview is good but if you like just skip to about 10:10 and listen about the nebulising.

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I love how the news is saying masks are not effective don’t go out buying them

They are basically making fun of people on local news and saying people follow your lead so don’t be like a “leader” in the panic/mask movement

It’s such bullshit

That mask are unuseful for protect from the virus infection

But masks do work if you use them properly.

And now for buying a ffp2/3 you need at least 60/70 € currency

Otherwise we won’t have doctors anymore in China.

The cheapest on the web …

60/70 euro for how many?

Are hospital still working on your area ?

Only 1

In my city it’s still ok.

Shoot man… that’s way too much. Even in China it’s much cheaper than that.

For 60 euro you can get a full face gas mask complete with a clear visor.

Yes the problem has started since last week , but the crazy thing is that the government say that they haven’t enough mask for the medical operators and doctors

This is my idea to get one of full mask at least you can reuse it

Right now n95 masks in China are around 3 euros each. Chinese brand.

In wich city are you ?

I’m in a big city in China. It is dangerous for us to reveal too much info about ourselves hope you understand. :smile:

Of course

But n95 is not safe