Yes, dictators very afraid when all laugh at them

Yes, dictators very afraid when all laugh at them
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A prepper from Italy here. goodevening to all!

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:belarus: Today in Belarus held women’s march of solidarity “Forces of good against forces of evil”
The riot police did not dare to use force against women, as a result, the ladies broke through the police cordon

:belarus: Сегодня в Беларуси прошёл женский марш солидарности «Силы добра против сил зла»
ОМОН не рискнул применить силу к женщинам, в итоге дамы прорвали полицейское оцепление

:belarus: As usual, in Minsk everything ended with the traditional detentions, including of international media journalists covering the protests, whom the security forces have been detaining for several days in a row…
First of all, foreign journalists were detained, after which they were immediately deprived of their accreditation
Among others, correspondents of DW, ARD, Radio Liberty, Voice of America, BBC, AFP, Reuters, RFI, Associated Press and even correspondents of the super-loyal Russian TASS were detained

:belarus: Как обычно, в Минске все закончилось традиционными задержаниями, в том числе, журналистов международных СМИ, освещавших протесты, которых силовики задерживают уже который день подряд…
В первую очередь задерживали иностранных журналистов, после чего тут же лишали аккредитации
В числе прочих, задержаны корреспонденты DW, ARD, Радио Свобода, Голос Америки, BBC, AFP, Reuters, RFI, Associated Press и даже корреспонденты супер-лояльного российского ТАСС

:airplane: #Air_crashes. Officially so far 3
in Sweden, US and Belgium

15 fighter jets that have crashed since events in Mage, Brazil.

In total for 2020

:airplane: #Air_crashes
:exclamation:Officially, from the beginning of 2020 to the present day, there have been 2,225 #Air_crashes
It’s worth adding to this list another 15-20% of those incidents that didn’t fall into any statistics, such as the last two events indicated here - the Black Hawk disaster in Southern California on August 27 and the crash of a homemade plane in Russia today…

:airplane: #Air_crashes
:exclamation:Официально с начала 2020 года до сегодняшнего дня произошло 2225 авиакатастроф
К этому списку стоит добавить еще 15-20% тех происшествий, которые не попали ни в какую статистику, как, например, последние два, указанные здесь - катастрофа Black Hawk в Южной Калифорнии 27 августа и крушение самодельного самолета в России сегодня…

Remember these are the crashes we are only aware of and Insider has recorded.

Compared to 2019

Something is seriously wrong in the skies :milky_way:

I’m so damn sorry for this guy!
Who died in crash in Russia today

:airplane: #Air_crashes
:ru: Today at half of 9 am the 69-year-old poet Pavel Yaroshenko, famous in Uralsk, crashed in his homemade plane, which he spent 10 years of his life creating.
Yaroshenko had 3000 flight hours, was a first-class pilot and flew to Cuba several times. Making his own aircraft was his childhood dream

:airplane: #Air_crashes
:ru: Сегодня около 08:30 утра известный в Уральске 69-летний поэт Павел Ярошенко разбился на своем самодельном самолете, на создание которого потратил 10 лет жизни.
Ярошенко имел 3000 часов налета, был первоклассным пилотом и несколько раз летал на Кубу. Сделать свое воздушное судно - было мечтой его детства

He was very good man and dreamed of building his own plane

Compared to 2019 crashes

It turns out that in some countries, plane crashes are not even registered if the plane is homemade or converted from another aircraft

How bad are things for pilots

I’m afraid the worst is yet to come
Because last year were 4,096 plane crashes (it’s official)

Yes but this year we have more crashes on a daily basis in the double digits

And much more unexplainable military crashes

  1. If you love Putin so much - welcome to Russia! :joy::joy::joy:
  2. You, like a child, argue on abstract topics, believing that your idea of ​​reality completely coincides with your fantasies.
    This is absolutely not true
  3. In Russia there is a proverb (very old): “Trust in God, but don’t make mistake yourself!” :sweat_smile: This is a country of ATHEISTS, here for almost 100 years people were imprisoned and madhouses for belief in God
    The fact that government now trying to impose faith by force and trying to make religion the state ideology is a big mistake! Very big

For 100 years, people in Russia have been taught to rely only on themselves, so the overwhelming majority here believe that only weaklings believe in God, who were broken by system
Everything else that you talk about… Illuminati, confrontation … for Kremlin it has absolutely no meaning. In their minds there is only POWER - and power built on the drug and arms trade.
For them, the world remained black and white (more precisely, white and red), much like it’s now for CCP.

And you can believe me - none of them believe in god either, I know what I’m talking about :grin:
Enough to look at their physiognomy when they stand in the church.
They don’t even know which hand to be baptized with!

Do forensics on this picture. It’s real.

Research Mariana abramovic.

Research the painting they are standing in front of.

It’s called “Raising Satan”

And that’s Jacob. He’s in charge of the Economist.

And I don’t believe that Putin is a saint by any stretch.

It’s more of economic control, control of trans-global corporations
Oddly enough, Chinese also know a lot about this, although they can hardly be called “globalists”:slight_smile:

Of the 11 directors, only two - Russian
So whose company is this ?! :joy::sweat_smile::rofl:

More precisely, three, not two
But that doesn’t change the essence of the matter
Rosneft is ruled by Germans and Arabs

:arrow_up: Therefore, Germany’s interest in ITS own oil and gas (and not Russian, as it’s officially believed) is quite understandable

Naturally, they don’t need Trump’s oil, even for free
Because they need to sell “their” oil - Rosneft is their company

I agree. But nations don’t have friends. They have interests. So what? 🤷‍♂

So far rule parties or dictators
Not peoples
Although in democracies people maybe have a choice