Yes but sadly inaccurate

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Yes but sadly inaccurate



If the stock market crash will inevitably trigger a liquidity crisis, this time I’m afraid it will not simply trigger a plunge in the dollar and gold, because the situation is not the same as the last time; the United States was the birthplace of the subprime crisis in 2008, so the initial reaction of the market was I sold off all American assets and bought European, Japanese, and Chinese assets; but later I discovered that Europe ’s debt crisis was more serious than the United States, so I bought the US dollar crazy, and the US dollar rose sharply!

It was followed by the Federal Reserve ’s implementation of the YE, and the U.S. dollar plummeted again, and gold rose. After three rounds of QE, the economy began to recover, and the quantitative easing policy was about to be withdrawn. So gold staged a sharp plunge in 2013, and the United States ended easing in 2014. The dollar is starting to rise! Later, the euro also started qe in 2015, and the dollar accelerated. :frog:


是的,你现在要提醒一句那些被迫成为代价的人命,又会听到熟悉的“你就是见不得中国好” 。:frog:

I thought that this tragic time would leave deep scars. Even if the funeral was to be done, it would take months. I was wrong again, and it has been terrible in our country for a month. I have to copy the homework and write a book to guide all human beings. This is not just a grave, but a celebration party directly in the cemetery.

Yes, you have to remind those who have been forced to pay the price, and you will hear the familiar “You just can’t see China well”. :frog: