Yeah there really is no one size fits all standard.

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Yeah there really is no one size fits all standard.

3M P100, OV


There are ppl who claim they do disinfection with ultraviolet lamp. That process would take a few hours I imagine. And you need to make sure that the rays get to every part of the filter.

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Wuhan pneumonia global epidemic integration

疫 The epidemic in South Korea continued, with severe conditions in Daegu City and Gyeongsangbuk-do, and cases in Busan, Gyeongsangnam-do and Gyeonggi-do also increased significantly. After the diagnosis was made by a family member of the US military in South Korea, the first diagnosis was made by the US military.

:point_right:t2:The epidemic in Italy continues to spread, with the latest cases in France, Germany, and Spain, and the first cases in Greece, Algeria, Northern Macedonia, and Brazil all imported from Italy.

:point_right:t2:The first case of Pakistan was introduced by Iran, and in addition to other cases introduced by Iran in other Persian Gulf countries, the number of Iranian cases may be concealed.

个案 The cases of crew members and passengers diagnosed on the cruise “Diamond Princess” were separated by the Japanese authorities and the WHO. 70 Hong Kong residents were confirmed on board and were hospitalized in Japan.

:point_right:t2: In Japan, a passenger who tested negative on board was dismissed a few days later and confirmed as a local case.

Update time: February 27, 01:30

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The filter/face masks may employ some kind of electric static between the layers to absorb the particles. When they get wet, you lose the static, and that will greatly reduce their effectiveness. However there is no telling whether or not any specific type of filter/mask relies on the static.

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I imagine this is part of the reason why there is a shelf life for face masks.


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When they were used after a certain period they lose the static as well.

there’s 2 parts in each P100/OV filters
particulate filter P100, and Organic Vapor (OV) filter

carbon in OV filter would lose effectiveness over time even when not used,

but the particulate filter would remain usable (with usage it’s increasing in effectivity but harder to breathe through)

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Yes. Except we don’t know which filter relies on what effect to stop the virus. Some surgical masks relies on static. If we look at the 3M filters they seem much thicker than those surgical masks so I imagine they may use their physical structure/property to stop the particles. If this is true they should last longer.

@aries also the credentials appear legit as well… I always try to bring good data