Yah. Agreed. Bs. I saw a report of over 200 in USA

More bullshit numbers

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Yah. Agreed. Bs. I saw a report of over 200 in USA

It’s around 5000

5000 cases in USA?

Was 1000 cases in early February

Holy shit!

The Tiktok leak proved it

Really? This is legit info? How is it that we don’t know this… tiktok leak?

And I think @RumBlockchain talked to the kid that leaked it


Yes @RumBlockchain even talked to the kid who leaked it and provided further details

That leak was on.

I’m surprised this is not all over social media?

Because they are controlled by Silicon Valley

Also each copy of Corona-unMasked

On YouTube has been deleted

Ohhhh. Wow. :flushed:

Jeremy copy, my copy, 101st copy

Are you on brighteon?

They dont want the public’s knowing the truth

No Bitchute

But feel free to upload

I’ve been sharing it with people… that unmasked video. I didn’t know it was taken down.

This is a meritocracy Travis

I shared the bitchute video

I have both. I’ve been doing real well on brighteon. You don’t get paid or anything but getting good views.