Xiao Sheng integrated analysis of Wuhan pneumonia sources:

Xiao Sheng integrated analysis of Wuhan pneumonia sources:

  1. The young and beautiful primary three college major is simply not qualified to be the director of the p4 laboratory
  2. Experts from many countries have developed traces of artificial editing of martial virus
  3. According to the CCP mechanism, Wuhan and Hubei notified the CCP Central Committee within two hours, so they were not punished. It was the Central Committee who concealed the epidemic.
  4. The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China should conceal the manufacture of biological weapons in violation of international law
  5. The identity and whereabouts of the first patient were concealed because of the connection with the Wuhan p4 laboratory
  6. The director of p4 laboratory in Canada happened to die suddenly
  7. The Communist Party sent a major general specializing in biochemical weapons to the Wuhan p4 laboratory to destroy evidence
    Inference: The CCP stole the Canadian virus and went back to Wuhan to conduct experiments and make biochemical weapons. Unfortunately, the Chinese habitually mixed accounts and sold the experimental animals to the South China seafood market. pack.

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Wait. So they are saying the way this got out is a P4 lab sold its test animals to the market??? NFW. You have to be a total fucking idiot to do that.

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