Wuhan still gaining. Not even close to being over

Wuhan still gaining. Not even close to being over

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Holy shit

I say burn the whole place

lol lets not turn this chat into a terrorist chat haha

He has a good reason to be angry

dont we all? our governments have let us down

@Tuesdaynight8888 Aunt was cremated by the Chinese

So I can’t even imagine losing a loved one

Oh, then it makes sense to wanna burn it all. Sorry Tuesday.

Yeah and we didn’t get anything even her clothes

Maybe her phone one day?

Cell phone?

We just mourn her using her Facebook account

Ipad and flowers imagine that

Have you heard anything else from the Chinese Embassy?

No respond from our emails sir


My condolences

Thank you im sorry i just felt it was needed to just the burn Wuhan down

So the sacrifices made will not be in vain

It’s burning itself out in a way sadly. You can feel halfway around the world

Yeah and from what im seeing, im just getting too scared for everyone else

No sign of stopping or controlling

Have you heard anything in Filipino social media?