! ️ Wuhan mask chemical protection suit is not enough



! ️ Wuhan mask chemical protection suit is not enough
! ️Insufficient anti-epidemic materials sent to Wuhan nationwide
! ️ Nearly 100,000 beds are not enough
! ️ More than 170,000 doctors are not enough
! ️ Vegetable frozen food is not enough
! ️51 crematoriums in Hubei are not enough
! ️Insufficient operation of a cremator at full capacity for 24 hours
! ️ 8,000 yuan a day the corpse cannot be found
! ️ Not enough disposable bags

:rotating_light::rotating_light::rotating_light:Remember not to believe any punctuation that the Communist Party says​:bangbang: :bangbang: :bangbang: February 29th is the watershed in Wuhan. Do n’t go out if you ca n’t go out. :bangbang: :bangbang: :bangbang: Do not resume work, you will not starve to death, I will keep it as a witness :rotating_light::pray:

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This is what Mr.Guowengui said

Feb 29th

What happens on the 29th?


I don’t know


hello everyone. i just joined after watching the corona-unmasked video. thank you to the people running this group chat and shining light on the truth. i wish each and every one of you and your loved ones health and safety :heart:


Thank you Ider :facepunch:t5:

#中共國 看了非常心痛:broken_heart::broken_heart::broken_heart:你让别人戴口罩,满大街都没口罩卖:bangbang::bangbang::bangbang:要不像某些国家学习每家每户发一个星期发一盒,黑心十字会你做的到吗:interrobang::interrobang:悲哀 # 中共 国 It ’s so painful to watch. You asked others to wear masks. :bangbang: :bangbang: If you do n’t learn from each country, send a box for each household every week. Can you do it with the Black Cross :interrobang::interrobang:Sad

#中共國 網傳武漢臨時醫院🏥,圖片來自網際網路。 # 中共 国 Net pass Wuhan Temporary Hospital, picture from the Internet.

Thank you Ider! :arrow_up: Scroll up. You have a lot of catching up to do!!

#中共國 一個白髮蒼蒼的老人沒戴口罩​​,可能有抗拒執法!視頻裡面說提刀!提刀!

中共 国 A gray-haired old man didn’t wear a mask, he might resist law enforcement! The video says lifting a knife! Knife!

You have a gun, you have a gun! Still afraid of the knife?
Police: Your whole family will not be guaranteed! do you know?
The image comes from the Internet.

#中共國 這是義烏官方對老外的宣傳,希望外商回來:



中共 国 This is the official propaganda of foreigners in Yiwu, I hope foreign businessmen come back:

English means that the new crown virus has entered the final stage and Yiwu is about to return to normal;
The Chinese subtitle is that the new crown virus has entered a new stage, and Yiwu is gradually waking up.
Obviously, English is more deceptive, while Chinese has stability intent.

When a foreigner sees a mask in a promotional video, he must think about it. It ’s hard to ask for money.

#國際 北韓一名專用碼頭的警衛教官確診感染新冠肺炎,推測可能是在當局宣佈關閉邊境後,前往中國走私因而感染。由於北韓領導人金正恩要求,違反禁令者將以軍法處置,據傳該名確診患者已遭槍斃,新義州市目前也處於封城狀態。

#International A security instructor at a dedicated terminal in North Korea has been diagnosed with new crown pneumonia, presumably after smuggling into China after authorities announced the border closure, resulting in infection. The North Korean leader Kim Jong-un requested that those who violated the ban would be dealt with under military law. The confirmed patient was reportedly shot and Xinyi City is currently closed.

#中共國 恐怖啊,為了3月底0感染,徹底變成集中營了,藥都不讓買了,

中共 国 Horrible, for the infection at the end of March, it has completely turned into a concentration camp, and the medicine will not be bought.


I don’t know if it’s political or cultural. The people in this country have a low-spirited atmosphere, especially on foreign issues. You can find the dedication of Zhou Enlai’s hospitality to Nixon.
Would you be surprised at the calamity of an ethnic slavery when it is incredible? ?







This wave of rework is not contagious in a large area, and I really am sorry for the coronavirus.

Of course the party felt nothing:

1⃣️ Those are leeks
2⃣️ Up to 15% casualties, which is equivalent to a war without material injuries
3⃣️ China’s average age will decline and become younger. Future party wealth can only increase but not decrease
4⃣️ The gross income of funeral homes and other services will go up. The broken window theory party will not care much. GDP may not fall too much.

Master Mao Zedong said: The big deal is nuclear war. What ’s so great about nuclear war? There are 2.7 billion people in the world. Half of them are dead. Half of them are left in China. There are 600 million people in China.

Major General Zhu Chenghu said: If the Americans decide to interfere in the Taiwan Strait, we will decide to fight back. We Chinese prepare all cities east of Xi’an …

Uncle Xi Jinping said: What’s so great about the resumption of work and resumption of work? The Chinese died 1.2 billion, and there are still 200 million.
The Communist Party is the devil …! !!




s from first-line doctors on the Internet: now they are comforting, no cure

A microblog circulated a doctor’s dictation, which reveals the clinical manifestations of pneumonia patients is creepy
The doctor described how the patient felt before his death:
Difficulty breathing until the last few minutes when the patient is awake
The patient will call for help, cry and cry and say, Doctor, save me
With strenuous struggles until the last breath is exhaled
The cause of death is essentially the same as drowning.
Communist Party’s biochemical weapon! !! !! Too poisonous! !!

So many people have succeeded in catching a girl without a mask?

北京昌平,不让进小区看望父母,一气之下碾压防疫检查站,撞伤两人。周围的人都很淡定,麻木了。In Changping, Beijing, they were not allowed to enter the community to visit their parents. The people around were calm and By : 抗疫内战越来越精彩啊 ~ 北京昌平区义勇军驾车冲撞鬼子检查站 :clap::clap::clap:
:alarm_clock: Tuesday, February 18, 2020 1:43 PM
By: The Civil War against Epidemic Disease is getting more and more exciting ~ The volunteers of Changping District, Beijing, ran into the Devil Checkpoint :clap::clap::clap:
:alarm_clock: Tuesday, February 18, 2020 1:43 PM

喝茶没戴口罩被抓。发明能用于喝茶的口罩迫在眉睫啊。Tea was caught without a mask. It is imminent to invent a mask that can be used for drinking tea.

湖北随州网友发给我的。还以为来了土匪。从前土匪在深山…… Netizens from Suizhou, Hubei sent me. Thought the bandits had come. Once the bandits were in the mountains …

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@justice_777 how much is a Mahjong Table??? :dollar:?

So how fucked do you think I would be if I traveled without a mask? May be flying across the country in a few weeks


News reporter states government will not provide unedited video of shooting and claims they were shooting dogs

Ask me when the time comes, so I can do a better risk assessment. What everyone one here in the States and the government knows is that these next 2 weeks will be crucial

Rabid dogs lol :joy:, you are telling me Animal Control has 2 automatic rifles and a handgun for killing rabid dogs. While regular policemen have none. Yea I’m not buying that one. If it was Rabid Dogs and not a MSS hit team. Animal control would use .22 a caliber not a QBZ-95.

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i find this fascinating

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