Wuhan Institute Of Virology And Chinese Army Submit Patent For Gilead Anti-Ebola Drug To Fight Coronavirus

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So is the idea with this, that they need to release it in order to study it on people? Jesus.


不換位思考,明天就可能成為今天自己口中控訴的對象 Auntie of the Cultural Revolution: Wuhan people detoxify, Wuhan people do harm to the whole country and do harm to the whole world ~

Without transposition, tomorrow may become the object of complaints in my own mouth today.

they said that they tried it in 270 patients… but I really don’t know… there is also the report

Big Chinese New Year celebraation in San Francisco this weekend…Idiots

I just want to say that I have always been wary of cruises. And I feel quite justified now.

New York Times still lying

I read that Chinese gov want this before Saturday. In China Friday is over… does anybody know something?

I just got off a phone call

A very troubling one

The true number

Is around 400,000 dead

The leaked TENCENT numbers were just one city

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A trusted mentor. Who has been involved/elected in US politics and former military officer.

30k to 400k in a couple days?

No that TENCENT number

Was just one city

One province

That was leaked

So what do we need to do in the states?

That depends on very different circumstances for everyone in the room

It went from 1 on Monday. 40 by Wed and 61 by today.

But here is the thing…they have only tested 273 people of the 3500 on board!!