wtf is this

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wtf is this

Fun toys :teddy_bear:

what does this mean lol

No rabbit holes :hole: tonight

what is this some siren?

Soon guys soon

looks from war of worlds movie. and a friend shared this clip

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:speech_balloon: GROUPS :speech_balloon:
:small_blue_diamond:Coronavirus Central
:small_blue_diamond:Coronavirus - A Global Impact
:small_blue_diamond:CV Central - Español
:new: #nCoV English discussion
:new: Corona Virus [COVID-19] [English]
:denmark:/:norway:/:sweden: Scandinavia
:small_blue_diamond:[DK/NO/SE] Corona Virus Chat
:new_zealand: New Zealand
:new: COVID-19 (NZ)
:netherlands: The Netherlands
:small_blue_diamond:Corona Nederland Chat (2.0)
:new: “Klets”Corona Nederland
:uk: United Kingdom
:small_blue_diamond:Coronavirus UK - COVID-19
:us: United States of America
:small_blue_diamond:Coronavirus Discussion
:small_blue_diamond:Illinois (and Chicago)
:new: Michigan Coronavirus Chat
:small_blue_diamond:New England
:small_blue_diamond:New Jersey
:small_blue_diamond:New York
:small_blue_diamond:Washington DC., Maryland and Virginia
Scientifically based research
:small_blue_diamond:CV Central - Research
:small_blue_diamond:CV Central - Preparedness (and alternate cures)
Speculations, Fringe Theories and other research
:small_blue_diamond:Rabbit Hole
:small_blue_diamond:CV Central - Economics

:newspaper: Channels :newspaper:
World News
:small_red_triangle:Metachannel: VirusWatch Chat
:small_blue_diamond:COVID-19 Epidemic
:small_red_triangle:Archived channel (pre-March 7): COVID-19 Epidemic
:small_blue_diamond::cn: Wuhan Virus Updates :bat:
:small_blue_diamond:COVID-19 UPDATE + NEWS
:small_blue_diamond:Wuhan Quarantine #nCoV #武汉封城 (:cn:)
:small_blue_diamond:Coronavirus Iran
:small_blue_diamond:Doctors News Channel / کانال خبری پزشکان (:iran:)

:robot: Live updates and relay channels :robot:
:small_blue_diamond:This is Chinar
:small_red_triangle:Meta/chat channel: The Underground Silk Railroad Communique
:small_blue_diamond:CoronaVirus - Live News​:red_circle: (:it:/:uk:)
:small_blue_diamond:Coronavirus COVID-19

:headphones: Podcast :headphones:
:small_blue_diamond: Coronavirus Central Podcast (Unofficial)

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Lucia :arrow_double_up:

Google scrubs “Truth”

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No temperature screening of any kind in Nice airport

Despite being 30 minutes drive from Italy

AYTU Coronavirus stock :arrow_up:

Guys who are interested in products to increase immunity, write in direct!

That’s crazy, essentially once the virus clears the recession will get deeper in Italy

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Lol is this a sales pitch?!?