Wow that is foresight to manipulate and bend the minds of the young generation that won't remember the actual truth

⤺ reposted by @0x130fE5 from By the way the elderly centre where last Madrid's victim got infected. (20+ cases 4 in ICU) was opened today after been closed yesterday evening. No one give information to the elders....

Wow that is foresight to manipulate and bend the minds of the young generation that won’t remember the actual truth

I would say Egypt is most definitely no releasing correct numbers or not testing. They show 15 cases yet one city in the US now has 6 imported from Egypt.


As they said winners creage history, You will be shocked how many times it were happen seriously even young history like II wars so eahg about Rome or Jews & Arabs or Summers or whatever this is problem of this world Ego of both genders but ego of human which is no perfect and have so much to develop like brain ( still ultra super most powrfull computer but only use like in best way 20% but our education program in school year by year is worst) seriously or this flu is not that which I think sooner or later there will be flu to kill most of us why? They don’t need now people where machines can replaced them seriously You wił see resolutions made after whole corona whic wish soon passed and this is not “that virus” but behind materialistic conspiracy theories is also spiritual cosmic theories like quantum or others and believe me world isn’t like it seems but You have right propably they will make new history by this but this is happen all day all year :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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:red_circle:اعلام وضعیت قرمز در شهر بهشهر مازندران البته با یک ماه تاخیر!!

لامRequest red status in Behshahr city of Mazandaran of course with one month delay !!

I just think based on what we have seen elsewhere they need to be much more protected. Just look at the number of healthcare workers in China that’s been infected. Even just the official numbers are high and they were a lot higher level of protection.

Agreed, the Iranians and Indian Healthcare workers have it worst than the Chinese Healthcare workers

India will soon surge

By the way, most of those healthcare workers were infected before they knew how serious it was and they weren’t using proper precautions they had very flimsy masks and no Eye protection when they got exposed

This is cute




[Real Wuhan: The price is too expensive to support for a few days]

Citizens: (living supplies) can’t buy, it’s very troublesome! There is not much food in the house. Children have no milk powder and no vegetables, and live in fear every day.

I ca n’t go out and have no income. After eating the last rice, I take the whole family to beg for food. :pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face:

Moscú airport… Not a joke

As today they told that someone from Iran gov died but You can see how Iranian medical make vital video of dance so something don’t make sense or that movie was from first day, so many disinformation :slight_smile: chaos theory my friends where a is z and z is b :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

This morning, Community Safety responded to a medical emergency at Keele campus. Toronto Paramedic Services was called and the individual was taken to hospital for assessment. As a health precaution, all applicable areas were disinfected.

We were immediately in contact with Toronto Public Health to inform them of the situation. They have expressed confidence that all appropriate steps and protocols were followed.

We recognize there is heightened sensitivity due to the global COVID-19 situation and would like to take this opportunity to remind you of the importance of good hand hygiene practices.

Should further updates become available, we will update the community.


Samina Sami
Executive Director, Community Safety

Utah in the news…



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