Wow seriously?!

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Wow seriously?!

Possible, looks like him

Not confirmed yet covid

2月23日, 武汉封城一个月整。




On February 23, Wuhan closed the city for a whole month.

A month ago, Yang Jingjing, like many others, retweeted the official slogan “Wuhan Come” in the circle of friends;

A month later, the 28-year-old Wuhan real estate salesman said her world had collapsed.

Two days ago, police informed her that her father’s body had been found by the side of the road. People have been dead for a few days. :rage::rage:

#讀者投稿 在不出門會死在家裡

#Reader submission will die at home without going out

#觀點 真不敢想象他們在國外是怎麼樣生活、從來不接觸真實信息嗎?真是作死攔都攔不住!

#Viewpoint I dare not imagine how they live abroad and never touch the real information? I ca n’t stop it!

#觀點 今天終於漲見識了,意大利人搶購、囤積起東西來,完全不輸給華人!他們真是不挑食實啊,看來這次確實是怕了!

#Viewpoint Today, I finally gained insights. The Italians snapped up and hoarded things, and did not lose to the Chinese! They really do n’t pick food, it seems they are really scared this time!

:arrow_up::arrow_up::arrow_up: this sight will be coming to an American supermarket near you.

This is only flu :sweat_smile: I think maybe little drama because we have election


#天朝浮世绘 昨天到今天,中国大陆有三个著名的官方媒体,先后发出重磅文章。但目前被腾讯网删除了两篇文章。这意味着什么?有网友说:媒体造反了。//荣剑:新华社和光明日报今天不约而同地刊发了鼓励讲真话的文章,但颇具讽刺意味的是,新华社的文章已经被删,光明日报的文章能存多久尚未可知。新华社和光明日报都是在中宣部领导下的官方媒体,掌握主旋律和政治正确,它们的真话都说不出来,那就更别提草民说真话。究竟是哪个部门害怕讲真话或不让人讲真话?//变态辣椒:最近中国一些官媒又号召讲真话,“讲真话天不会塌下来”,废话,我说一句“共产党滚蛋”天是不会塌下来,但是警察会找上门来。 回顾1949年后的中国历史,说真话是没有好下场的。 “请讲真话,我一定虚心接受” “那你们可以滚蛋吗?无政府都好过你们在那里乱作为” “你看你看,我让你说真话你怎么认真了呢,”

天朝 浮世绘 Yesterday to today, there are three well-known official media in mainland China that have issued blockbuster articles. But two articles have been deleted by Tencent. what does this mean? Some netizens said: The media has rebelled. // Rong Jian: Xinhua News Agency and Guangming Daily published articles encouraging the truth today, but it is quite ironic that Xinhua’s article has been deleted and how long the Guangming Daily article can be stored is unknown. Xinhua News Agency and Guangming Daily are both official media under the leadership of the Central Propaganda Department. They have the main theme and political correctness. They can’t tell the truth, let alone Cao Min telling the truth. Which department is afraid of telling the truth or not telling the truth? // Perverted chili: Recently some Chinese media have called for the truth to be told, “The sky will not fall down when telling the truth.” Nonsense, I said, “The Communist Party will get out of the sky” and the sky will not fall down, but the police will come to your door. Looking back at the history of China after 1949, there is no good end to telling the truth. “Please tell the truth, I must accept with an open mind” “Can you get out of here? Anarchy is better than you messing around there” “You see, I’m telling you the truth, how serious are you?”



#天朝浮世绘 武汉大学人民医院的医护人员及家属,已经有500多人感染。医院不上报,把他们隔离在医院的眼科大楼和外科大楼顶层。21日,协和武汉红十字会医院发布公告,称普外科医生肖俊感染新冠病毒,于2020年2月8日抢救无效去世。但消息公布却晚了两周时间,网民纷纷质问:“公告也要隔离14天?” 湖北孝感中心医院42岁医生感染新冠肺炎去世。还有夏思思,29岁,武汉协和江北医院消化科医生,工作期间于1月19日不幸感染新冠肺炎,2月7日病危,于今天凌晨六点五十分在武汉大学中南医院抢救无效不幸离世!她是家中独女,爸爸是退休军医,妈妈是协和江北医院护士,丈夫是第四医院医生,还有个两岁的小宝宝。她的先生眼泪未干,第二天就要上一线,他是一个外科医生,可见疫情紧张,手术都免了。可是当局太不人道,如果男人有个三长两短,儿子岂不成了孤儿?给孩子留个至亲吧!建议这种家庭定制度不能在参与一线了,对于大国的China不缺一位医务人员,但是对于这类家庭的孩子,他们只有一个爸爸妈妈。

天朝 浮世绘 Medical staff and family members of People’s Hospital of Wuhan University have infected more than 500 people. The hospital did not report, and they were isolated on the top floor of the hospital’s ophthalmology building and surgical building. On the 21st, Xiehe Wuhan Red Cross Hospital issued an announcement saying that general surgeon Xiao Jun was infected with the new crown virus and died on February 8, 2020. But the news was announced two weeks later, and netizens questioned: “Is the announcement to be quarantined for 14 days?” A 42-year-old doctor from Hubei Xiaogan Central Hospital died of new crown pneumonia. There is also Xia Sisi, 29, a digestive doctor at the Jiangbei Hospital of Wuhan Union Medical College. He was unfortunately infected with new crown pneumonia on January 19 during his work and was critically ill on February 7. He died at 6.50 in the South China Hospital of Wuhan University. !! She is the only daughter in the family, her father is a retired military doctor, her mother is a nurse at Xiehe Jiangbei Hospital, her husband is a doctor in the Fourth Hospital, and a two-year-old baby. Her husband’s tears are still dry, and he will be on the line the next day. He is a surgeon. It can be seen that the epidemic is tense and the operation is avoided. But the authorities are too inhumane. If a man has three longs and two shorts, wouldn’t the son become an orphan? Leave a loved one to your child! It is suggested that this kind of family customization cannot be involved in the front line. There is no shortage of medical staff for China in the big country, but for the children of this family, they only have one parent.

What is he doing being president lol


#天朝浮世绘 这肯定是官宣和姓党的记者“制造”出来忽悠愚民的,就像当年毛主席的好战雷锋白天打着手电筒读毛选、在没有螺丝的汽车挡泥板上上螺丝一样一样滴! 看到这景象,我们只能这么评:这政府真没有人性,生病了都不能请假休息!//李庆:宣传部为了给大家解闷,派了三百多个段子手到全国各地编段子、逗乐子:有出生20天的孩子喊妈妈的;有给政府扔一万大洋就跑的;有骑单车300公里去抗疫的;有每天步行60公里去给群众量体温的;有哑巴开口说感谢的;有植物人看见妻子会微笑的… 各种正能量应有尽有、目不暇接,全国人民真的好开心耶!

天朝 浮世绘 This must have been “manufactured” by the reporters from the official propaganda and the party, just like Chairman Mao ’s militant Lei Feng read the Mao election with a flashlight during the day and screwed the fender of the car without screws. Same drops! Seeing this scene, we can only comment on this: This government is really humane, and you ca n’t take time off to take a break when you are sick! // Li Qing: In order to solve the boredom for everyone, the Propaganda Department sent more than 300 snipers to make snippets and make fun all over the country: some children who were born 20 days ago called their mothers; others threw 10,000 oceans and ran; Some people ride bicycles for 300 kilometers to fight the epidemic; some walk 60 kilometers a day to take the body temperature of the masses; some dumb ones say thank you; some plants see their wives smile … There are all kinds of positive energy, dizzying, People across the country are really happy!

#天朝浮世绘 前一阵澳洲从武汉撤侨,把241人放到圣诞岛上隔离14天,好吃好住,好招待,而且都是免费的。第五天时,正好是春节,澳洲政府还给他们布置春节环境,尊重他们华人传统 隔离结束,华人各回各家后,他们并没有感谢澳洲救命之恩,反而在微信上骂澳洲政府限制他们自由。还有这加拿大的一家华裔,被困武汉一个月后,终于被接回加拿大!看到他们手举五星血旗的照片,不知道大家有何感想?

天朝 浮世绘 A while ago, Australia withdrew overseas Chinese from Wuhan, and quarantined 241 people on Christmas Island for 14 days. On the fifth day, it was the Spring Festival. The Australian government also provided them with the Spring Festival environment and respected their Chinese tradition. After the quarantine ended, the Chinese did not thank the Australian for saving lives after returning to each house. Instead, they called WeChat the Australian Government to restrict their freedom. And this Canadian Chinese family, who was trapped in Wuhan for a month, was finally returned to Canada! Seeing photos of their five-star blood flags in their hands, I don’t know how everyone feels?

#讀者投稿 義大利人得後悔死了。武漢肺炎疫情爆發後,中國在義大利小粉紅留學生在街頭搞「求抱」活動。目前義大利武漢肺炎疫情也爆發了,不一定與「求抱」活動有關,但是疫情狀態下搞「求抱」活動的確不是個聰明辦法。不知道留學小粉紅們敢不敢去莫斯科「求抱」?

#Reader contribution The Italians have to regret death. After the outbreak of pneumonia in Wuhan, Chinese little pink students in Italy engaged in “seeking embrace” activities on the streets. At present, the pneumonia epidemic in Wuhan, Italy, has also erupted. It may not be related to the “pray for the hug” activity, but it is really not a smart way to engage in the “pray for the hug” activity under the epidemic situation. I wonder if the little pink girls who study abroad dare to go to Moscow and ask for a hug?

@justice_777 :arrow_up: 那真是愚蠢的宣传

:alarm_clock: Monday, February 24, 2020 2:13 AM

About 10,000 construction workers who construct the Raytheon Mountain Hospital did not isolate themselves and all were dismissed home. Many people have left Wuhan to go to work on other construction sites. The reason is that China South Construction Co., Ltd. did not quarantine construction workers. If there is a virus infection, how many people will be infected?
:alarm_clock: Monday, February 24, 2020 2:13 AM

米蘭搶購 / Milan being snapped up

Rip Italy

No one wearing face masks

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No. parliamentary election