World Map Timelapse of the Coronavirus (Since January 2020)

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I got question to You all what You think about that first news was from China scientists from Wuhan it was information can’t find it now on Google that was scientist who has problem for propaganda and then he family dies at end of January but he was informing from about 12.12.2019, so when it start from 15. 12.202o or as it said from end of December and put that people were travel all around and panic start from 20.01 so time to i cube 3 weeks in humans should make that in version 1) from 12.12 we should get whole world sick or from version 2) from end of December also 2 months later should be half of wolrd, I’m not ignorant but always ask question :slight_smile:

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Good Night :slight_smile: this is interesting from 30.01 from propably Anonymous

Does anyone know if there has been experimented with Collodial Silver against the Corona-Virus?
It should work as Silver kills all virusses and bacterias.

From my research so far yes. But would love for a medical professional to comment

Also very interested about silver using it and know people doctors which win cancer and live by this but not chemical from store but produce by fusion or something I got scientist who make it for us :slight_smile:

In this move Anonymous told that silver don’t help but I think it should help

I’ve read that some people use it to get their immunesystem on the highest levels as possible, but, there are also that use vitamin C, but also chlorine dioxide. You should inform you as much as you can

the result?
any references?

Anyone that can tell me how to get funds so I could create a safe area.
Please feel free to inform me.

BTW, read up on Royal Rife frequency generation to kill virusses and bacteria

Just google. Don’t have anything specific to hand. Would just re google to find it. Certainly knowing what’s best for cleaning surfaces over all including silver would be good to know

Royal Rife thanks for it will check it Steve

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I’m working on a list of at home medical devices/equipment that could be useful, for at home quarantine situations when shrf. Things like Aed, oximeter and other meters/monitors, respiratory equipment, etc. If already posted/created someplace, please share.

Very interesting tx

I have looked into those rife machines they are very interesting I was going to buy one but never got around to it.