Work till you literally drop

⤺ reposted by @AriesAzazel from This is the exact thing that is going to cause this whole thing to go tits up

Super morbid

Work till you literally drop

While CCP kids are riding Lamborghinis to Exotic Car Meetups

209 Chinese Yuan equals
29.87 United States Dollar

吉林的卫生院服务真好,院长亲自教精神病人打麻将 The service of the health center in Jilin is really good. The director personally teaches mental patients to play mahjong.

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I can’t watch it, just shows the beginning screen with no video streaming. I have Spectrum internet. Is Spectrum blocking it?

anyone else have Spectrum

seems we are being targeted

also it’s at 29554 views

not bad gang :smile:

keep sharing

@tatsuikeda To much evidence for the world to keep ignoring

Should hit 30K like 15-30 minutes

I believe it’s 1 view every 6 seconds or so, accelerating

the Type 95 rifle

and the link to the Super Spreaders/ Bio-Terrorist

So maybe instead of a follow up video we unmask the Super Spreaders.

and the Ministry of State Security Officers

also I want us to use

was thinking

how about

i’ll check out seems nice

skip ahead a bit on that track

look at these idiots gonna kill everyone

where’s teh super spreaders stuff

I’ll compile it all

And send here

@themike27 up for editing

Doing the narrative with me

By : 中国义勇军与鬼子爆发遭遇战 :smile::smile:
:alarm_clock: Tuesday, February 18, 2020 1:38 PM
By: Chinese Volunteer Army and Devils Outbreak of Encounter :smile::smile:
:alarm_clock: Tuesday, February 18, 2020 1:38 PM

By : 很多红袖章一夜之间有了无上的权力,以前生产队里的保卫人员,那时候粮食几乎没有够吃的,村干部家除外,小老百姓偷生玉米生地瓜是经常的,保卫人员抓到偷东西的男人就游街示众,一个老同事的老婆,她是疯子,我私下问知道内情的人是怎么疯的,他们…
:alarm_clock: Tuesday, February 18, 2020 1:30 PM
By: Many red armbands have supreme power overnight. In the past, the guards in the production team had little food at that time, except for the village cadres. It was common for small people to steal raw corn and sweet potatoes. When the man stealing things, he went to the streets to show the public, the wife of an old colleague, she is crazy, I asked privately how people who know the inside are they crazy,
:alarm_clock: Tuesday, February 18, 2020 1:30 PM

Can anyone one with Spectrum Internet click on this link

Does it play?

4pm 30K

30k of what?


10k in 16 hours or something like that

Dun dun dunnnn


This guy says over 600 million will be infected in china by March to may

Shouldn’t the trajectory of infections begin to taper down when spring weather arrives?


Just on nhk news


I took that daily on my last trip to India. Would not recommend it.

Can someone translate this? Is it suicide or or Corona?

I don’t know al the different names, they didn’t say which one.