Woman is diagnosed with coronavirus after testing negative EIGHT TIMES

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If you are stressing over what to buy, first think about doubling all of the things you would normally buy

It’s a good way to ease into it

And even if this blows over, the prepa can be used for natural disasters or even a job loss and you need to eat


Its not going to blow over.

Good place to start for sure. Trying to have a 6-12 month working pantry is a good goal. Meaning 6-12 month supply of the foods you normally buy and use in your home.

That was not my point at all. You know better

There should be zero downside to prepping. Zero. If you have too much toilet paper, rice, etc. Eventuslly you’ll consume it or can give to someone else. Prepping and ot having a disaster is not placing a wrong bet and losing.

You are so right

This is why I seriosuly don’t care why or how the virus started. Its interesting speculation, but my mission as a father and husband does change based on what we uncover.


In 6 weeks my 13 year old is scheduled to travel to Costa Rica on a mission trip

龚是兰花农贸市场肉贩,1月24日回合川,次日即25日返回。本月11日心脏不适,到高新区人民医院就诊没有效果,后到区人民医院就诊,22日其家人将龚转大坪三院 ,听说此前4次检测均阴性(含大坪医院1次),今天下午检测为阳性。该患者仅是心脏不舒服,不咳嗽不发烧。



Gong Xiaoping, female, 54 years old, is a resident of the 6 community of the Orchid Community. The family has a total of 6 people who live together and have a household registration in Hechuan.
Gong is a butcher at the Orchid Farmers Market. He returned to Sichuan on the 24th of January and the next day. On the 11th of this month, my heart was unwell, and the treatment at the People’s Hospital of the High-tech Zone was ineffective. Later, he went to the People’s Hospital of the District. Tested positive this afternoon. The patient was simply uncomfortable with the heart, no coughing and no fever.

Five family members have now been separated. Gong stalls did not operate anymore after 15 days. The Orchid Farmers Market was closed tonight, and market operators have been notified to isolate their homes. 32 units of their units are closed tonight.

This case is very disturbing for us. Not only the long incubation period, but who transmitted it to her? Now we understand that she has no contact history in Hubei and Wuhan, and has not contacted a confirmed patient, so the person who transmitted to her may still be hidden in healthy people. :scream::scream::scream::scream:

Wechat now requires identification authentication to join group with over 100 members.

And that’s we use Telegram

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Multiple CEOs stepped town today and this week: Disney, MasterCard, L Brands, Salesforce, Uber Eats, HULU, MGM, IBM, LinkedIn,

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