Without breaking Operational Security and giving away your location or region. Time limit 20 minutes

Without breaking Operational Security and giving away your location or region. Time limit 20 minutes

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  1. First 48 hours would seem ok. Food and water ok. People in streets but no violence… yet
  2. By third day it would be apparent that food will run out, water and sewer would start becoming an issue and police could not handle chaos. This is when it would start to become dangerous and would be too late to leave
  3. By end of 1 week roving gangs, and lawlessness.

There is no happy outcome. Best option would be to leave for the rural part to your land or bug out location and pre planned community or join another community away from it all.

  1. Anyone with power generators would be targeted as they would be beacons in the night.

10 percent bad element would be dealt with within 2 months while the rest of the area would attempt to stabilize. Physical hard work roots would dominate.

My local community would go to hell in a few weeks. The community is not close and afaik has no interest in supporting one another.

Best bet is to flee to family if you have it or try to form a community.

People inherently are hive members. It’s possible to get ahead of the curve and create healthy local communiry

When tap water runs out wher do you go?

I’ve seen a couple neighbours with big reserves.

Oooh good one… if you weren’t smart enough to have a well dug or a water filtration system, you’re screwed. Being in a hot, dry climate means you had better know how to keep cool in the summer as well. I would think a lot of folks in my community are super under-prepared for this scenario and a lot would die from heat exhaustion come late June/ early July. Winter is also going to get rough because we get to below freezing… you would need more than one heat source if you want to up the survival chances. Fortunately, a small percentage of folks are on propane (like us thank GOD), and that doesn’t expire… so hopefully they are stocked up on a multitude of tanks. Most everyone here has a fireplace or wood burning stove so that’s a plus. The biggest issue would be how to store food… sadly, I think many are also under-prepared in that regard. We would see a lot of infighting and chaos… that would be where I quietly close up shop and hunker down lol

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How to they do commerce?

Intel is a trade without radio.

Music as you play latest card

My community would implode.
Too few have more than enough food for 2-3 days in homes…
High drug crime in this area…
Steps have been taken to deal with this as we don’t live there but still close enough to see marauders

Some might die quickly because they rely on grid for medical reasons (many elderly where I live). There’ll be assaults, robberies and violence from day 1.
There was a huge earthquake few years ago, minutes after it ended, some bastards were already robbing the neighborhood convenience store… knowing that police was busy and they could get away with it

As food and water becomes scarce, “decent” folks will first ask for help, then turn violent…

Remaining ones, after sometime, will organize and rebuild

Our community is pretty small with strong church memberships. First few weeks would be decent. I don’t think the golden horde would sweep through, but we havea decent size city about 50 miles away that would start branching out unless the churches were organized enough to help, which I think they are. My house is basically a faraday cage, so I think generator etc would be safe. We have 2 pre 1970 vehicles as a lot of people do, so I think we would fare well except for a few bad guys with bad ideas.

Being in a big city with high density will not be possible. Most of the community will collapse very soon. Persons should face issues of all kinds they didn’t realice use electricity. People prepared for indoor produce could last more days but definetely they will need to move to certain rural regions if they want to extend their life and use their skills in case they have. Society will look something like when you go to very rural-remote areas who have to deal with isolation, know how to do hunting, do agriculture, have MOV, generate electricity,etc

Better than most, which is why I chose it, been saying for years that the world could go away and we’d be alright
-springs abundant
-fantastic local food infrastructure with livestock and farming
-tons of people skilled in permaculture, earth skills, survival who have all been thinking ahead
-not low ground
-defensible due to terrain and distance from cities
-in my local area we have ham channels programmed and SHTF check-in protocols established, rally points by number, fall back zones and last stand tactics
-trails and less traveled roads for bugout to more remote spots
-some degree of caves for remote shelter (without tunnel networks to sub-t hives!)

Wow that’s amazing :wink:

Yeah but there are things like the buried radioactive waste all over.


I’d agree for the most part. It’s nice to be somewhat secluded from the rest of the world. Sounds like you have an amazing little network and town full of resourceful folks who will make it on the collapse!! Good shit

Happy AGM-62 Wednesday #MOV

I know where it’s at around here and not upstream from me or any of the good springs

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