🤔Why they quarrel

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:thinking:Why they quarrel

where are they from

Bullshit NYC Manhattan subway fight, not important



:warning: The factory boss suddenly “welcomes you” and “enthusiastically” to you, there must be enchanting :bangbang:

Why don’t these people think about it, :pushpin: In case of one of the infected people, this group of people basically listen to the fate of the fate, and go to see the king 差 阎
This is totally a factory death squad :bangbang: :bangbang: :bangbang:


Hong Kong. That’s right. Gosh. More serious than South Korea! !! :pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face:

So the Locusts have arrived


The plague has arrived. The signs are not clear to Uighur or Hindi. :scream::scream::scream:



:alarm_clock: Saturday, February 22, 2020 2:33 PM

[Red armband “epidemic prevention personnel” became the emperor of the soil? 】

Under the epidemic, various “epidemic prevention personnel” wearing red armbands appeared in various parts of China. Some of these methods were rough and caused many conflicts.

:alarm_clock: Saturday, February 22, 2020 2:33 PM


Hmm :thinking:

Better ask Tommy

As far as I know Chinese PLA does not buy HK

#中共國 用半裸来羞辱冲卡的女子!

中共 国 Shaming the woman who punches the card with half naked!

The red armband is too stingy.

#戰友 「一位戰友給我的證據為了他的安全我暫時沒放出來,他說他是參與移動焚化爐管理和對接的,焚化爐就是移動火葬場,從非典就有,一個焚化爐一天可以燒30個人,他們運去了40個,就在方艙醫院後面,死了的直接鈎進去燒。他說全國各處有40萬個,(製造商)接到訂單是再造100萬個!你們還相信非典的數字嗎?」

战友 「The evidence given by a comrade-in-arms for my safety has not been released for the time being. He said that he was involved in the management and docking of the mobile incinerator. The incinerator is a mobile crematorium. Since SARS, an incinerator can be used for one day. Burned 30 people, they transported 40 of them, just behind the Fangcai Hospital, and died and hooked them directly to burn. He said there were 400,000 around the country. (The manufacturer) received orders to make another 1 million! Still believe the numbers of SARS? "

@justice_777 hmm :thinking:

is it saying 1 million dead?


I’m confused on this math

Or needing more incinerators? @justice_777


天朝 浮世 画 Location: Hubu Village, Shuangpu Town, Xihu District, Hangzhou. Character: 57 years old, aunt Pan, with an incubation period of 22 days. After the aunt was diagnosed, the whole town was panicked. His husband was a grass-roots civil servant who was responsible for measuring the body temperature from house to house. The overall test was positive. All leaders in the town were dismissed, and all prevention and control were relocated.


even the disciplined Japanese went on panic buying mode. THey’re not immune to virus.

Go to Costco you still have time

Go to Costco you still have time

Go to Costco you still have time


Yangluo District, Wuhan City, another suicide! I have the courage to commit suicide, but I do n’t have the courage to fight violence! !! !!
Those who commit suicide feel that it is their fault and incapability, and it has nothing to do with the party government. Even suicide can not cause trouble to the party and the government.

Day by day we grow stronger

CORONA-unMaskeD Part 2

We freely release all sources as “CORONA-unMaskeD Part 2”, the story and ongoing investigation of the largest pandemic in 100 years. As staggering under-reported death tolls and political tensions rise, USA opens 15 quarantine centers on Air Force bases around the country. Mainstream papers such as The Guardian admit COVID-19 could infect up to 60% of the population, killing tens of millions. Scientists in China and HK suspect the virus could have originated as a bio-weapon, leaked either accidentally or on purpose. The World Health Organization is accused of corruption and of deceiving public health officials.

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Not india. News was pakistan is affected. Will come to India soon

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Where is this? What airport?

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Damn, A cremator can burn 30 people a day, a million cremators can burn 30 million people a day

(Corpse burner truck)