Why the Silent Spread of Coronavirus Might Actually Be a Good Sign


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Omg they really have no clue what’s coming

【惊喜变悲剧!#俄网红庆生往浴池倒30公斤干冰# 产生大量二氧化碳[伤心]】2月28日,在俄罗斯一网红的生日派对上发生恐怖意外,该网红的丈夫为了制造惊喜,准备了约30公斤的干冰,当晚将其全部倒入浴池中,想创造梦幻的雾气。没想到干冰遇水会释放大量二氧化碳,在密闭的空间中会使人窒息而亡…事故造成两名客人当场死亡,网红的丈夫最终也抢救无效死亡,另有多人受伤。

[Surprise becomes tragedy! # 汝 网 红 庆 生 往 浴池 倒 30 斤 乾冰 # Generated a lot of carbon dioxide [Sad]] On February 28, a terror accident occurred at a birthday party of a Russian celebrity. The celebrity’s husband prepared about 30 for surprise. Kilograms of dry ice, poured it all into the bath that night, trying to create a dreamy mist. I did not expect that dry ice will release a large amount of carbon dioxide when it encounters water, which will cause people to suffocate in a confined space … The accident caused two guests to die on the spot, and the celebrity’s husband eventually rescued the invalid death, and many others were injured.

#中共國 武漢郊區的陽邏街道,昨天因為電廠復工和集貿市場交叉感染,昨天確診了20名,隔離200人左右。


中共 国 Yangluo Suburb, a suburb of Wuhan, was diagnosed yesterday with 20 people isolated and about 200 isolated due to cross-infection of the power plant and the bazaar.

Controls have not been relaxed and are still being upgraded.

:red_circle: یک فرد مشکوک بە کرونا در #مھاباد.

:white_small_square:این فرد در یکی از خیابانھای مھاباد بیھوش در کف خیابان افتادە

:red_circle: One suspect with no corona in #MB.

This person fell to the floor of a street in Moshabad

Seeing China is still in the thick of it and on going… Is three months prep enough?

They are passed 3 months now

3 months should be enough

But have you taken into consideration you might need somethings that are made in China?

Any generic drugs you might be needing

Or products that are pharmaceuticals

These are questions you should be asking yourself

What if China comes to a halt in terms of manufacturing

Or goes into a civil war

Many variables

Also with Iran being infected so bad we could see ww3

I found this article. I thought it might help with people’s friends and family to try and get the message through in a measured way:

I tried to order carbon filter mask

Not on sale anymore

I ordered the raw material to make activated carbon masks

I don’t think Iran is going to start a war when they can barely give their doctors the right protective gear and you have a portion of the population think it’s ok to lick the mosque :mosque:


And that they won’t get sick

Plus it is forbidden to do cremation in Islam

So the Iranian have a much bigger problem then the Chinese

Dont be disrespectful

Antibiotics always the one item very important after some person has a cut or something small in apocalypse movie… But that shyte is scripted, you can’t just stock up

Nobody lick the mosque they pray

I’m not being disrespectful

We have the video

I’ll post it

Send it

The survivors in Texas have many tips

Different economy. But yea scary times

I am in South Africa… They can barely keep the lights on here… So I can see the “just in time” delivery systems fail badly :speak_no_evil:

Basically I feel this is like HIV and AIDS… You can get HIV and never develope AIDS… So you can be infected by the virus but never develope COVID-19… That is still kind of scary.

Yes but Israel has been wanting to take them out for a while and if they are weak “someone” could take advantage of that.

Underrated read. Very well written with the current data points

⤻ reposted @0xVf7ht to I found this article. I thought it might help with people’s friends and family to try and get the message through in a measured way: