WHY is the Australian population predicted to DROP by 8 million people by 2025?

WHY is the Australian population predicted to DROP by 8 million people by 2025?

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Typo? Supposed to be 25 million?

Just odd you know

Portland: arsonist gets arrested then let go. Starts six more fires before being arrested again :clown_face:

Clown World

The Amazon is Burning :fire:

Touching images capture the plight of thousands of pets and wild animals fighting for survival.

Remember that the masters of the Democratic Party pushed the agenda that this was all caused by Climate Change / Global Warming

Do not let that be the case you are all Critical Thinking, Wizards in Training



Garcia Escobar

Help amazonia, Pantana l- Brazil

#BreakingNews #breaking #trumppressbriefing #MondayMotivation # californiafires2020 California highway patrol officer is attacked by a gang of antifa. Two individuals were injured.



Help amazonia, Pantana l- Brazil :brazil:

C-RAM system? Baghdad

Rescue of a jaguar in the Pantanal.

That’s CRAM

Some of you know it as Iron Dome

:warning::fire:#RedFlagWarning in effect for north eastern California until this evening due to gusty winds & low humidity. This is #CriticalFireWeather so use caution when outdoors. https://www.fire.ca.gov/programs/communications/red-flag-warnings-fire-weather-watches/

Where this info come from???

People have media fatigue and are completely relying on social media. As we know Ad revenue is driving what the algorithm shows first.

  1. International journalism is the way to go now. AP, Reuters, BBC and such.

  2. Supported with White Papers from Academia and witness accounts before are taken down from social media

  3. That is the reason why we send you Twitter links, even if the tweet is removed, the media got saved in Telegram

Imágenes impactantes.
Lluvia de piedras contra los agentes antidisturbios.

The website is listed

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what is deagel?
you can find it in nearly every country.

Deagle is run by Edwin Deagle who
Is the Director of International Relations for the Rockerfeller Foundation.

His predictions for the US are even worse. Population reduction by 2/3rds GDP reduction by 3/4ths.