Why is he naked?


A next-door Pharaoh. :scream:

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Why is he naked?

I gave salary advances to my staff(low income group) and told them to stock up neccessities quietly this weekend before prices shoot up.

Awww. You are too kind!

Hope more companies follow you. This is how you retain the good people.

:+1::+1::+1: wish more people were like you. My boss thinks I’m a hypochondriac and jokes about the virus even tho there’s a confirmed cause in my County

Yah. Mine too… and we are nurses. That meme going around with the fightclub image saying like nurses will kick its ass! We don’t even know the scope of this bug… It’s ignorant and arrogant to act like that. Ugh ego.

Try being locked inside an apartment for 5 weeks


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That’s the 2nd or 3rd naked… right? I keep thinking something neurological is happening. But maybe it’s because the brain is my jam. Lol I mean for sure behavior is neuro…

I’m a teacher and my students are international and travel a lot for sports and they won’t even consider not traveling next week because they don’t take the virus seriously. I’m grateful spring break is coming up because im not leaving my house.

I tried warning them a week before we got our first case in my County and my boss took it as me trying to get out of work and overreacting.

That we should prepare to close the school because of the virus **

Aries thank you for all you do the countless hours replying and moving the group. May you stay blessed thank you for inviting me in!! this group gave me sanity when the whole world was not listening to me.

People are crazy.

Is SARS-Corvid-19 the new Operation GLADIO?

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