Why do they still refuse to call this a pandemic?

Why do they still refuse to call this a pandemic?

Here we see The Who saying they aren’t ready yet… but in the next one we see the Canadian gov warning their citizens of a pandemic

⤺ reposted by @AriesAzazel from The Chinese virus | City Hall in Tel Aviv was lit tonight in the colors of the Chinese flag - it's a sign of solidarity with the spread of the coronavirus

Power of the almighty dollar :dollar:

Wealth before Health

I think they are being pressured by China

Or is it Health before Wealth

I should say “also”

Question…why have we not heard from any of the people who were infected with the virus and then recovered? Where are they? Why aren’t they relaying their stories to us? I realize China has cut internet connection, but what about the others?

Might have bigger problems

Also you realize all these videos

Leaking out of China

Are illegal right

Internet is still up

Just depending on the region

But at 1.3 Billion leaks still happen

Because that’s a very small number ! The mortality rate is 40/60% ! And I’m not certain there’s a “real” recovery!

Sonic boom from fighter jets?

Just wait till June

For the new toys



Real life

1 Nurse Emotional Burst
2 Indoor personnel collapsed to the ground
3 Paramedics receive patients