Who reported you

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Who reported you

Hmm :thinking: odd

That’s the couple who were infected burned themselves alive Jeremy

得病了!政府不救!绝望了!太可怕了!人间地狱!This suicide was broadcast live, and the husband and wife together, without faith, only trusting money and power, and suddenly found that everything was lost and hopeless.
I’m sick! The government will not save the Desperate! too terrifying! it’s living hell!

Ayrie so they have blocked Coronavirus videos

On Instagram???

today i had problems uploading videos to Instagram. 2 times I uploaded videos and the videos were gone. directly. if you search for the hashtags you will be asked if you are looking for the corona virus and if you want to go to the WHO website for information. the other option is “view posts” and the videos are gone

Sad that Instagram is suppressing the truth



I’ve heard one entire apartment block was wiped out except from a one child


Where in Wuhan

Yeah Wuhan but not sure where

Sat infront of two chinese people having a convo

yes the videos I wanted to upload were deleted directly, if you search for the hashtags you will not find any video of the real situation. incredible this censorship

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Good good

I guess the video of the police is so early on

That no one was wearing mask

Hence they were still congregating


:alarm_clock: Saturday, February 15, 2020 10:18 AM
Black police bully little girl, not weak, never bully.

Great story to read, right as I enter volcano park in Hawaii.

Hi guys, nice to join up

I went through some of the media posted in this group, it’s just mind blowing what people over there going through. The only positive outcome that can happen from this tragedy is a crack in their political system.


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