Who made this one? Always an image of mother with mask and kid with none. Just like the magazine of all the doomsday events.

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Who made this one? Always an image of mother with mask and kid with none. Just like the magazine of all the doomsday events.

2020 has I felt since 2017/ 2018 has been the real the mayan end date. We were dooped. All a game of mind control to plant seeds. Folks think o nothing happened in 2012. But it’s planted in the collective consciousness. Then 2020 hits us with real chaos pandemic war etc.

I just started watching Mr Robot again. B had never seen it and I only got halfway through S2 I think. Wow does it ever feel relevant watching it now.

I mean some of the stuff going on now is lifted straight from the series it feels like

Many elders knew of this time. This is the time when the world would come to the darkest. And we were at a cross roads in humanity. This is it. Prophecy said it can flip right side up. But it’s up to us. As the spirits said don’t feed the nightmare. Reality is created from the spiritual realms with alchemy esoteric arts shamanism dreaming etc. They want us to feed into the nightmare they gave us.

A few things

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We have members who worked on it

That does not come as a surprise :laughing:

Break free from nightmare
Learn to prep and be ready for shtf
Not be caught in politics division and endless rabbit holes. Stay neutral and centered. Build a warrior mindset
Learn how to elevate oneself and orient towards the bright future to build. Build skills to contribute to the collective. I do believe in the good of Aries speaks to and our future potential (this is the Aquarius age of advanced tech and intergalatic worlds)

I love that show. Tell your peeps I love the show. Watched last year. Knew that was really happening.

It’s funny how our attitudes can shift over the span of a few years. When I first watched it, I was all hashtag Team Elliot - go fsociety, git-r-done! :laughing: Now I’m looking around at the Wasteland that Seattle has become due to failed policies, lack of effort to curb crime and homelessness, and all the damage from the continued civil unrest. As I’m counting the tumbleweeds go by, I’m rewatching it and find myself thinking “whoa Elliot, slow your roll amigo”. :laughing:

I felt the same at first then when it all started falling apart. It’s like shit. Same premise right now with the blm inc antifa anarchists believing that taking down the government is how to win. But if you understand the keys and how people are manipulated. It’s all a person using different groups as chess pieces who each have a function to destroy a government or system. But what people don’t get is what replaces that government or system. And who shall truly rule and the result of something much worse than you were convinced was the current situation.

(I loved at first watching Eliot be a hero then was like hmmm this does not seem to be a good direction)

Interesting though I did ponder if he was not crazy but was mk ultra and had a handler.

That’s exactly what I was getting at. It’s the BLM Antifa mob mentality playing out in front of us. Having dealt with all those things they were looking at in A1 - the burden of student loan debt, financial hardships due to health issues and medical bills, big corporations causing destruction and getting off with a slap on the wrist, the sound of the big machine being brought to a grinding halt was music to my ears. But seeing the push for socialism to replace it, yeah not down with that. Police reform? Definitely. Doing away with completely? Asinine. What will replace the police? Anarchy or armed citizenry. But zero accountability like they want is never going to fly.

Mk ultra would make so much sense

I’m wondering if this 50 siege on the White House is actually going to start tomorrow. It’s supposedly being organized by those who started Occupy Wall Street, so people should be paying attention

Thanks for the heads up. Interesting to note the biggest focus is the west coast along with major citites. This is where they can rally the biggest news coverage. Then break out into the larger cities throughout other states.

It’s all fear mongering.

Cliff Mass: Inslee wrong on climate change and western fires ‘by 180 degrees’

Keep Aries Safe

Rick and Morty - keep summer safe

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Oh we haven’t done Satellites yet

We should soon

Yes to police reform but if we are controlled (no police) then ruled by the mobs gangs crime folks or militia but it gets repackaged to be like China’s CCP.

I used to love the whole equality for all and such (being in more new age and hippy groups- I was into metaphysics, occult and alchemy way before it became popular and trendy) but I discoverer how much these groups were manipulated. It’s always about slowly destroying from the inside through programming of ideas

Then they manipulated the women’s movement, feminism I had to wake up a few years ago of the manipulation here towards woman.

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Folks from Venezuela warned us about socialism. The bs utopian garbege we are fed. Leads to a hunger games situation minus the battles between a few people. Maybe though a battle between groups. But socialism creates the elite. The rest of people are the ones in poverty. Thus all these deluded fantasies of more power is bs. Because they only were being used. Like Eliot was used. Just useful idiots

Right now alot of folks clueless. Manipulated to believe they are the oppressed and need to over throw the evil oppressors out of power and in this case it’s those with privilege, the police and anyone in their way. They are fed the glory of power so get power hungry and money. But it’s temporary. And like Mr Nobody when they are done with you they nix you and say babye

We are the lucky few. And fantastic if we can get others to wake up as well and help our fellow brothers and sisters

But it’s definitely late in the game. I can’t imagine what it’s like for folks joining us know in telagram to catch up on 9 months!

The advice don’t dilly dally and waste time. Timelines I can feel really have soed up. And will only get more intense leading to election and over winter. This may be one of the most intense winters (storm wise and people wise) so essential to prepare and be ready. Build a warrior mind set.


#WhiteHouseSiege - Tactical Briefing #4