Who is the artist?

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Who is the artist?


Red Planet Mars is at its closest to Earth.
It won’t get this close again for another 15 years in 2035.

You can see it in the east now and it will get higher and more southerly as the evening moves on.
Look for an incredibly bright reddish orange star like object.

Hollywood-inspired ‘Trump’ sign pops up on mountainside above California freeway | Fox News


Is Hollywood ready to reject liberalism? Doubtful, but the rest of L.A. and the Valley might be.

Transgender man files pregnancy discrimination suit against Amazon

His declassification will kill field agents.

Pretty sure people have already died over whatever it is either way

No. They haven’t. But they will now.

There are things worth dying to protect and things worth killing for

If it’s related to the rich stuff giving a usb to asange via the general and those making a fake narrative that could spark ww3 against Russia - those people have already been murdered or those who are covering up their murder might have earned death

Dedicated field agents and analysts don’t deserve to die. Not fake.

I don’t really think anyone deserves to die even if I don’t like them. I have a lot of respect for people who do that hard job