Who had the information on 30-50 yr olds being most at risk?

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Who had the information on 30-50 yr olds being most at risk?

As in, who told your friend/ what was her source

I mean it’s obvious

If you see the videos


Waiting in line for divorce, young people’s divorce rate rises

My friend’s contact works with FEMA and saw a report that said this.

She is part of prepping w FEMA

Nursing homes in wuhan are hit hard. I know someone whose grand parent died in one.

I’ve been watching and reading the majority of content on here since I joined a few weeks ago (but do have to skim it sometimes as I can’t keep up!) and I’ve not seen that it’s been mainly 30-50 yr olds, but very interesting to hear that

“Interesting” = really quite scary


What were those cytokine repressing medicines that have been mentioned? I’ve bought one of them but the other was hard to find

No I can’t sleep because I m thinking about the Corina virus


Aries please check this

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I’ve got that too. There was some Chinese herb, I seem to remember

If you message me I will tell you


This was epic

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Chinese Skullcap

People don’t understand vaccines

That’s the one. Thanks, Perri

Why they take divorce?

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