WHO backflips on virus stance by condemning lockdowns

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And there it is. The real reason for all of this. Creating poverty. Poverty leads to a need for government handouts. A dependency on government handouts leads to Socialism. Redistribution of wealth/financial status in progress. The U.S. and Australia are the two major holdouts that must come under Socialist rule, and perhaps Iran, Israel, Saudi Arabia and North Korea on the larger world scale, in order for the century-old elitist vision of the New World Order.

Somewhere the Rothschilds and Rockefellers are chilling some very expensive champagne in an even more expensive ice bucket.

Nate silver is either a total sellout like PG has become lately, or a complete idiot.
Lol POTUS is 100% right about Nate.


But according to NBC lol

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2016/2020 almost identical. Perhaps some people already know the outcome and are willing to bet on it? What happened early Nov 2016?

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