White House acknowledges Trump's condition had been worse than revealed

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Reuters is a zionist company, so we have to take this as though it’s CNN. :wink:

We just created Doomsday Archaeology. Shera will be teaching lessons in there. Please feel free to join. It’s set to private for now, but feel free to add those who are interested in the topic.

Satellite Imagery - Spy Plane Photos Open Windows Into Ancient Worlds

Rising heat lol

Check out this bad ass


Wake Up…

Four Tops - Reach Out (I’ll Be There) (1967)

:deciduous_tree::seedling::green_heart: 3D short Forest

A beautiful video about the healing nature of the forest and the human desire for destruction. The author of the idea and creative director is Sasha Vinogradova, designer and art director from Los Angeles.

Трёхмерная короткометражка Forest

Красивый ролик о целительной природе леса и человеческом стремлении к разрушению. Автор идеи и креативный директор — Саша Виноградова, дизайнер и арт-директор из Лос-Анджелеса.

Big Companies Are Starting to Swallow the World

A fantastic documentary. :grin::+1:

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Sorry it can’t be “human desire”. This “artist” has to be more precise or she is already part of th global propaganda …
if you want to awaken mankind you can’t start insulting it !!:

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