where is this?

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where is this?

Kennewick, Washington

Has anyone been able to watch this

Anything important


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The 33 percent ratio is simply for the closed cases.

That is among infected only.

I did some reading on the swine flu of 2009, which is the most recent global pandemic, to get a comparison to coVID-19. The swine flu had an infection rate of 20% and a mortality rate of 0.03%. Much lower than coVID-19 which has an infection rate around 70% and mortality rate of 2%-3.7%. It ended up killing about 295,000 people world wide in an 18 month period. From the point it was declared a global health emergency by the WHO and when it was declared a pandemic was two months. At that point it was so bad the WHO stopped keeping track of the numbers. The WHO declared a global health emergency on coVID-19 February 21st, if this plays out anything like the swine flu that still gives us until April 21st before they would declare a pandemic. In other words we are still in the very early days of this pandemic and it’s much more infectious and deadly.

Of course they are many other factors to consider if doing a full comparison but I wanted to see how this is comparing to past pandemics.

I heard Colloidal Silver and Zinc Lozenges are the best to fight this virus

I don’t think there’s anything to fight it. It’s a bio weapon

The amount of disinformation regarding homeopathic remedies is getting out of control lmao


Some long and in depth reading:

probably not

I bought the Sunglife and a 12v 100w Renogy solar panel. Would this connect the two?


Great stuff

All you can do is make sure your lungs are clear and you are as healthy as you can be.

Herbals can be a road to that.