Where is this? What airport?

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Where is this? What airport?

It looked like it but wasnt sure. Scary

What Black Markets are you going to take over? @s0ftmachine

Tampons? Rice?

Black market tampon queen of SF Bay Area

How many pallets are you buying?


More than 100 cases in north Italy

Goodmorning guys :confused:

Now italy

Omg :unamused:

How are you? Is your city safe?

Hi Italians

I am in Brisbane Australia but in the Italian group also

Someone put down there was 1 death in Australia?

Just wanting to find out where

hi all, is there any latest information on the situation in the US?

1 death in syndye

Link or source?


Australia says it now has 23

7 positives from Diamond Princess. So no community acquired cases yet.
Any evidence posted about the supposed Sydney death?

Have you heard anything about a 3 death from the diamond princess?
David and Sally’s son hasn’t updated since yesterday and they update like clockwork

Ni nothing trying to find it

Italy 132… Italy is too small and people is tooooooo curious… there is always someone that know someone in a place… they can’t lie… so… real number for this virus

132 in a small area… remember that all Italy has the same population of Hubei province… now here they are checking city of 3500 people…

Italy no Wuhan :woman_facepalming:t4:

No. I’ll look into it