Where is this in AZ?


⤺ reposted by @perrichase from I was behind someone at the gas station using paper money today and got super grossed out. Not to mention it takes forever...Fucking gross.

Where is this in AZ?

Can’t disclose


Are you in Arizona too?

Metro Phx?

What store?


I’m in Phx area

On Bethany?


Did any of you start quarantine?

Well I think I collapsed my lung so wish me luck as I go to the hospital! I’d hate to have a collapsed lung AND catch COVD19

I’m in Washington state

Omgosh good luck.I1🙏

One of the confirmed patients in Russia.


Animation by an Iranian artist. The tallest building in Tehran masked by a huge mask carried with two helicopters.

Those masks only they use

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Yes. Gilbert. I haven’t seen one store emptied anywhere here.

Yes I did yesterday w my family and father

Well Done