When your mama tells you: “Stop crying or Imma give you something to cry about!’

⤺ reposted by @0xAENUJ from China says it’s ‘militarily and morally ready for war’ after 11,000 US troops hold massive drills in Guam

He do not want to appear weak as the president.

About measures taken in Antarctica regarding covid :point_up_2:t2:

Mexico is on the verge of a huge economic recession. You can see it in the soaring prices but not yet in shortages

Covid deaths are 80,000 plus, officially… unofficially must be triple since there are very few tests made. Lockdown is partial (some workers and kids don’t go to school yet), but there are many places where social distancing measures are not taken at all.

Population is divided between those who think the president is doing everything fine, and those who want him out. This is no minor issue, division is as bad as in the USA.


We have a saying over here “when the USA gets a flu, Mexico will have pneumonia”

I worry big time since now the USA is heading for pneumonia :grimacing:

Sin duda!

Nanotechnology to basically make you a slave to the system

Disclosure, please. :slight_smile:

In the second and first vid

“Semi-Automatic Bread Production Lines.” I’ll take Phrases I Never Thought I Would Hear for $1000, Alex.

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