When you browse Instagram and find former Australian PM's Tony Abbott's passport

When you browse Instagram and find former Australian PM’s Tony Abbott’s passport

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This was a great read. Good reminder of opsec and knowing what things are “secrets” even when not treated like them

Do you all know why satellites have different bands for uplink and downlink?

This is a popular one with hams


(ISS follows the same principal)


Smoke from the west coast wildfires has blanketed most of the USA :fire::evergreen_tree:

let’s go back to Satellites in a bit

much to learn

but first

a tribute to this legend

Kittinger, 1960 - The Man Who Fell From Space

Colonel Kittinger is a pioneer in Space Diving

The classification for someone like Colonel is not Wizard but Maverick.

Pilots with an ample understanding of science, who volunteer as test subjects
He was a pilot and brass. Commendable in his service but not a Wizard
The same like the Moon Walkers

They are pilots

We got Mavericks now, those guys pilot the new tech, they risk their life testing, very different to a pilot on a WC135 or B52 that are operational

Maverick: an unorthodox or independent-minded person.

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you guys must be asleep

I studied up on LEO when I was interviewing for a job with a local private space company

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said Saturday and Sunday (September 19-20) will became the days of victory for Iran and defeat for US

looks like the Iranians are counting on that Asteroid

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The higher a satellite’s orbit, the slower it moves. Certain orbital altitudes have special properties, like a geosynchronous orbit, in which a satellite travels around the Earth exactly once each day. The length of each red arrow in this diagram represents the distance traveled by a satellite in an hour.

The eccentricity (e) of an orbit indicates the deviation of the orbit from a perfect circle. A circular orbit has an eccentricity of 0, while a highly eccentric orbit is closer to (but always less than) 1. A satellite in an eccentric orbit moves around one of the ellipse’s focal points, not the center. (NASA illustration by Robert Simmon.)

Orbital inclination is the angle between the plane of an orbit and the equator. An orbital inclination of 0° is directly above the equator, 90° crosses right above the pole, and 180° orbits above the equator in the opposite direction of Earth’s spin. (NASA illustration by Robert Simmon.)


Japanese Defense Ministry unveils protocol for encountering UFOs | The Japan Times

Barr Tells Prosecutors to Consider Charging Violent Protesters With Sedition

Marines simulated a takedown of a hostile ship in the South China Sea in a ‘flex’ at China

Hopefully now you have a better understanding of the Satellites Russia and China are using

My favorite technology :ghost::ghost::ghost:

Let’s do a class on Cycles later

Mendocino, CA. 1pm. No filter.

Now that The Pentagon confirmed Direct Energy Weapons are you beginning to understand what’s going on.

This will be a fight to the finish

anyone tracking the AWS outage? Bad luck or enemy action?

[03:41 PM PDT] We can confirm that we are experiencing increased error rates and latencies for IAM operations in all AWS Regions. Attempts to create, describe, modify or delete IAM accounts and roles may be experiencing elevated failures. Authentication using IAM accounts and roles are not affected. We have identified the root cause and are working toward resolution.

my employer is completely shutdown until it’s resolved

THAT doesn’t look great


Whats iam?

Identity management - how users authenticate. Used for all kinds of things across the internet. Online banking, healthcare, gaming

bullshit, it was in a hanger waiting to be revealed

USAF didn’t build a thing. Aerospace contractors did

keep track on how much disclosure is happening

from batteries to small reactors to new planes

We don’t know which defense contractor designed and prototyped the new jet, though it’s almost certainly one of the big aerospace giants (Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, and Boeing). We don’t know where it flew and where it is now. We don’t know how many prototypes exist. We don’t know what it looks like, what it’s called, how fast it flies, how maneuverable it is, and what special capabilities it has. We don’t know anything.

well shit, who needs intelligence analysts with that level of investigative reporting? :joy:

Looks like a lot of chest thumping to show other powers that they don’t want to see our toys.

notice how the Locust from Brazil to Central America never made it past Mexico

I mean it’s a feel good story

Today is the Air Forces Birthday

so fuck it

let them have the win.