When is cure coming = never

When is cure coming = never

Cure is a lie

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Remember they never cured the Spanish Flu, why will things be different this time?

They won’t

Cure is a lie

Big pharma is being paid billions simply to persuade the world that they have a viable vaccine candidate — even if they know very well that their approach is a guaranteed failure, they get the money no matter how badly it fails — and that’s exactly what they’re doing

Paid billions to lie, and big pharma is more than happy to

So what happens when reality slowly hits, lower-class unemployment continues to explode, but the cities are too paralized to risk losing even a fraction of a percent of their population, all while everyone can plainly see the richest getting even richer?

What happens, where there are
9 societies who will do almost anything to avoid even 1% of their population dying,
but there’s also 1 society who will happily lose 5% of their population for the chance at invading and econoically enslaving the others?

Dark times ahead, when reality slowly begins to hit

Wisconsin said they might engage national guard to protect polling places.

Active suppression through twitter and by force

Remember the elections have no affect on SAP and USAP or the Black World

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If you noticed, the only ones discussing the event before it happened were the scientific community, not conspiracy website.

Phd’s were the ones worried of the payload

Also think about this

6 E-6B in the air and not one EAM

Until later in the day EAM were received but at the time flights departed, they were in radio silence, which means they were already under orders

Think about what that really means, simple things like that helps you understand Intel Analysis.

We are using ourselves (USAF/Space Force/ DoD) as an example, other nations had the same setup like us. And we analyze them.

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Take notice

New Department of Defense hub will be in Indiana

‘I love this country’: US doctors head to New Zealand as cure for America’s ills

The elites won’t shit their own bed.

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Why we are in lockdown when there will be no cure. To prevent chaos… to prepare us for the dark times? Spanish flu lasted 4 years but was much worse than this.