When I watched this movie a few years ago I knew this real and connected the dots when I first found out about the so called elixar of the elites.

When I watched this movie a few years ago I knew this real and connected the dots when I first found out about the so called elixar of the elites. This is the scenes from the movie. Good disclosure here of what I see would be in the black world.

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I never connected the dots till now as when I watched it back in the day I was just fascinated by the movie.

:airplane: #Air_crashes
More photos from the crash site
Еще фото с места катастрофы

:airplane: #Air_crashes
September 25
Antonov An-26Sh

Look carefully photos again
Seems that the fire spread only along the ground - the tree trunks were not even burned
leafage too… :thinking:

Does anyone have links or PDF’a involving the Clinton’s, Fakebook, Mark Zuckerburg, Google, censorship in general etc?

Search here for FB and Google:

They have an interesting documentary on Google censorship. You can find it on alternative video platform. I love them, also on Instagram and Fakebook.

I am going to disclosure with this, because I am not sure what I just saw. I was driving down the freeway and saw at 2 military jets Zoom by up ahead. I was talking to my fiance who was driving behind me and he saw them as well. We kept driving down the freeway and I followed where they were going because, you know, 2020. I saw them go out and then Circle back but by the time those two jet planes got back they were now two White Cessnas with a red stripe around them. I am probably losing my mind LOL

Too bad you didn’t get any pictures or ideally video.

Of course not. I’m one of those idiots that thinks about it after the fact lol. Nothing to prove I’m not crazy. I bet if i did take a video, it would be one of those.blurry sasquatch videos

Civil air patrol has planes with a red stripe

Hitting the Books: The invisible threat that every ISS astronaut fears

Atlanta activist spent $200G in Black Lives Matter donations on house, personal expenses: FBI | Fox News

KOMO: Capitol Hill businesses damaged by vandals; offers for help on social media.

In TENET The Protagonist has to “die” before moving onto the Black World :earth_americas:

Let’s see what happened yesterday in the Ukraine

There are big problems with this plane that crashed in the Ukraine. Many things remain unclear.

— Why did the plane break in half?
— Why did a whole wing break, which, according to his version, he caught on the ground?
— Where did he take off? The departure airport is not reported anywhere.
— Who was the operator? And with whom did the contract for repair conclude? This is stated on the state procurement website, but the company is not indicated.
— Who was on board other than the cadets?
— If it fell during the landing approach, and people jumped out at a low altitude, then where did so much fire come from and why did almost no one survive?

I’m sure there won’t be any survivors at all.

Civilian planes are prohibited from landing with full fuel tanks, but what about military planes?

There are a lot of technical issues that defy explanation.
It’s clearly necessary to consult with a specialist to get answers.

We should find out if anyone from NATO was on board.

It is rumored that the plane was carrying something - some kind of secret equipment - which was not reported, and that there could have been some high-ranking official on board who was likely not Ukrainian.

In any case, the disaster looks very suspicious.

— The pilot reported a left engine failure, but why didn’t it land with one engine?
— People began jumping out at a low altitude, but no one survived.
— This likely means there was a blast.

Inside or outside is another question - but if the explosion was outside (for example, a rocket), they would not have had time to jump out.

Everything that is officially known:
“An An-26 transport aircraft of the Ukrainian Air Force crashed on the E40 highway while approaching runway 16 at the Chuguev airbase.”
Where did the pilot depart from? Are all of these journalists completely brain dead?

Also, I don’t like how the Russian media and military channels have written about this crash. For example:

“Ukrainian Defense Minister Andriy Taran announced the first reasons for the An-26Sh disaster. According to preliminary estimates of flight safety specialists, one of the sensors in the left engine of the aircraft failed. According to one version, the plane caught its wing on the ground. The minister also added that the aircraft engine had a resource of more than 5000 hours before the next repair. “Everything went according to plan, the plane performed training flights to train cadets. The pilot - instructor was at the helm, the cadets took turns sitting in the right seat next to him to gain piloting and aircraft control skills, "Taran said. According to the minister, the preliminary analysis gives reason to believe that most likely the plane caught the wing on the ground: “The flight recorder is now in the plane, after analyzing the information, it is recorded there, it will be possible to draw conclusions.” He also stressed that the plane made six takeoffs and five landings yesterday.”

Why have none of these Russian propagandists yelled that the Ukraine has fucked everything up?
Why such cautious coverage of a disaster?
All Russian media repeat only what has been OFFICIALLY reported by the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense.
This has never happened before.

At what height did it explode/crash/fall?
And from which airfield did it take off?

Also, if he collapsed as they passed during the "landing approach,” then the height was relatively low.
So why did it catch fire? Fuel is now everywhere and everyone is prohibited.

The problem is that now the questions are not about the survivors or the deceased - everyone has already written about this.
These technical questions remain:

  • WHEN and with WHOM was the repair contract signed?
  • WHY did the cadets train on an aircraft that was due for repair?

In a plane crash near Kharkiv, the plane was 43 years old, but this year it was sent in for repairs. In July this year, the ProZorro public procurement site published information about the conclusion of a contract for the repair of aircraft, one of which, based on these data, was the AN-26, which crashed in the Kharkiv region. Specialized media, analyzing the agreement, indicated the flight numbers of the aircraft, among them, in particular, was the An-26 (W) (Zn 56-08, BN 76), manufactured in August 1977. According to official reports, board number 76 had a crashed plane. Its production number is contained in the tender documents.

The Security Service of Ukraine has published the chronology of the plane crash:

The An-26 training flights began at 18.50 and were to continue until 22.50. The curriculum provided for the training of flight cadets and navigational specialties in accordance with the course of combat training. According to preliminary information, the cadets did not directly control the plane; control was carried out by the crew commander. After passing part of the route at 20.38, the crew commander reported to the flight director about the failure of the left engine, at 20.40 he requested an approach, at 20.43 he passed a long-range drive, at 20.45 there was a plane crash.

Ukraine Online https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAEmJ8w754GfKgjNlRA

Big request - do not post intermediate conclusions on the channel yet. The channel is being watched closely.
Therefore it’s better to conduct talks either in a chat or in Disclosure. I’m sure that something (or someone) was on board.

“At 20.43 - the long-range drive passed…”

What is the “long range drive?”

Update September 25
On video, we see the moment that the An-26Sh falls, crashing on the E40 highway while on approach to runway 16 at Chuhuiv Air Base.
The voice over narration says, “We see the board - board comes in for landing. Turned on the headlights - backlight… GDP is on the left. Board begins to steer sharply to the right. Board goes to the right… fall! BLAST!”
According to the initial data, 18 cadets and five crew members were on board. Then, Ukrainian authorities clarified that there were 20 cadets and seven crew members on board. The bodies of 25 people were found at the crash site. The 26th reportedly died at the hospital.

“The plane came in and hit the ground with its nose…"

However, in the photographs we see the intact fuselage and wings. While, according to the official version, the crash occurred because the plane caught the ground with its wing.

So where the fuck is the broken nose?
First there are 23 on board - 18 cadets and 5 crew members. Then 28… then 27…. What the fuck? On my life, I don’t believe that the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense does not know how many people they’re flying on board an aircraft.

Judging by the photo, they burned the decommissioned plane - but why?

Or were there “leftist” people on board?

— Where are the videos from ambulances and firefighters? There are no videos.
— Where is the video of the injured people in the hospital? Again, no videos.


Where have the wings gone (which were still intact in yesterday’s photos) and why is the belly on the back of the plane intact while there is a hole at the top?
How was the asphalt not damaged while the forest belt in front of the plane burned down?

Can anyone explain why it is burnt from above but the belly is intact? And why were the branches/leaves not burned literally next to the charred remains of the plane?

It’s like they used helicopters :helicopter: and dropped the wreckage from the sky after it was lit on fire.

Happening now

You can watch a US spy satellite launch on a giant Delta IV Heavy rocket overnight tonight. Here’s how.

Duh. Of course the birbs know what’s up

Neanderthal and Denisovan Y Chromosomes Sequenced – Surprise When Compared to Modern Human DNA – SciTechDaily

A Physicist Has Come Up With Math That Makes ‘Paradox-Free’ Time Travel Plausible

The Weather Anomalies happening overThailand :thailand:

Started in Mexico on September 4th https://t.me/AzazelNews/37027


Then reappeared in Australia :australia: September 6th

en again in Texas and Middle America on September 7th


ow then anomaly has reappeared in Thailand in the past 24 hours. https://t.me/AzazelNews/44421


We will now be posting Azazel Recaps online

8pm Eastern, Let’s all watch Greenland.

This film is one of those that you watch several times.

You will understand why it is censored.

Ok 30 minutes

You guys are going to watch it first, then I will state the lesson plan and lessons to be learned

Then we will do Q/A

They really don’t want Americans watching it

Wow unreal

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What the heck… is he an albino black guy? But red hair… :thinking: I know there are some in Africa

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