"When I was at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory back in the early '80s is when I first got the idea.

“When I was at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory back in the early '80s is when I first got the idea. The Super Soaker was based on some engineering principles that I applied. I was actually working on another invention which was a heat pump that would use water as a working fluid instead of Freon… I was working on a heat pump that used water as a working fluid, and I made some jet pumps for it. I accidentally shot a stream of water across a bathroom where I was doing the experiment and thought to myself, ‘This would make a great gun.’” - Lonnie Johnson

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Omg I almost said this but didn’t think it was wizard enough. I was the first kid on my block with a super soaker and dominated. Amazing toy!

What’s the definition of a Wizard?

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Innovative ideas and projects. People who changed the world in their own way.

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Wizard: Group of elite OSS, OPS, SPEOP working under the USAP in matters of science and technology including but not limited to physicists, statisticians, strategists, mathematicians, computer scientists, chemists, oceanographers, geologists, atmospheric scientists, materials scientists, aeronautical engineers, electrical engineers, physiologists, biologists and biochemists.

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“Ryazan sugar” today in Moscow :point_down::point_down::point_down:

:fire::ru: An explosion thundered in a five-story building in Moscow, on st. Kubinka
:black_small_square:The fire covered three floors out of five. Residents of the upper floors were blocked by fire in their apartments. Floor slabs collapsed
:black_small_square:Eyewitnesses said that one woman was literally thrown out of a window by the force of explosion!
:black_small_square:Mosgaz officially announced that gas equipment is not the cause of explosion and fire

:fire::ru: В Москве на улице Кубинка произошел взрыв в пятиэтажке
:black_small_square:Пожар охватил три этажа из пяти. Жильцы верхних этажей оказались заблокированы в своих квартирах, в здании начали рушиться перекрытия
:black_small_square:Очевидцы рассказали, что одну женщину буквально выкинуло из окна во время взрыва!
:black_small_square:В «Мосгаз» официально заявили, что газовое оборудование не является причиной взрыва и пожара

1st degree charges will be dismissed. DA should have gone for something which would have stuck.

Kyle is more than justified in protecting businesses from looters and other rioters under 939.49(2). Once those actors turned their attention to attacking the Kyle it became a case of self-defense in which he was more than justified under 939.48(1).
939.49 Defense of property and protection against retail theft.
(2)A person is privileged to defend a 3rd person’s property from real or apparent unlawful interference by another under the same conditions and by the same means as those under and by which the person is privileged to defend his or her own property from real or apparent unlawful interference, provided that the person reasonably believes that the facts are such as would give the 3rd person the privilege to defend his or her own property, that his or her intervention is necessary for the protection of the 3rd person’s property, and that the 3rd person whose property the person is protecting is a member of


Does anyone has copy,or can point me to the right direction where I can get PDF or any type of file to download, thank you

:fire::ru: The oldest in the city distillery “Russian North” caught fire in Vologda, where 800 tons of alcohol were stored

:fire::ru: В Вологде загорелся старейший в городе ликероводочный завод «Русский Север», где хранилось 800 тонн алкоголя

The Wisc DA is a social justice warrior Dem. He won’t get a fair trial.

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