When do you think it will start...Wednesday.

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When do you think it will start…Wednesday.

To many variables

I don’t want to place down a date

Let’s start saying that China has downplayed a disease which is threatening our global order.
We’re looking at markets going down the drain and bad debt skyrocketing and a global depression none of us had ever experienced.

We’re looking at supply chains breaking and a very scary world in which keeping order is going to be an unfathomable challenge

粉红女要朋友寄矿泉水,被扣押物品过期还要赔偿。特警警告她:再这样无理取闹就要采取措施了————- overseas student came back to China only to be quarantined in a hotel. She complains that the water has dirt in it, and her human rights is violated. special policeman told her “everybody is drinking this water, why can’t you?” “You are not on vacation here!” The girl want to have her friend send her bottled water but was denied. Her luggage is confiscated and “will be kept for you and returned to you when it’s over” the girl asked what if the things she have in the luggage expire/go bad, will she be compensated. The policeman said “if you cause any more disturbance we will take you away by force!”

Just that it seems imminent with all the chatter going on

no one knows the day or hour


Just analyze the chatter coming in

Both military / ex military and wall st

US corporates hold debt in a range amounting to 3 TRILLION dollars

Saw this on FB. Not a bad idea.

Will do Aries. You have been sooo helpful

Would be wonderful

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Is it the entire country Aries?

All troop movement and manpower and material movement indicates yes

Oh man

I’m not a journalist

Just sharing what comes across me

Since day one

Thank YOU!