When did the 1918 Spanish Flu virus finally get eradicated?

Ok guys. You thought Clovis was a revelation earlier. Let me introduce you to the real discrimination no one wants to talk about. Everyone would forget all this racial tension nonsense real quick if 23 & Me or Ancestry dot something or another went a bit further back. Are the Powers-That-Be about to start dividing us into Neanderthal-having and non-Neanderthal-having gene groups?

:point_up: (Also, instead of pushing a vaccine, why aren’t they doing genetic testing for this like they commonly do for the BRCA gene that reveals a higher risk for developing breast cancer? Shouldn’t those with the risk factor gene for 3X higher complications be the only ones that might want to consider a vaccine??)

This just in!!!

Latest word from the high priests of wokeism

Ghosts are racist

Once again
Ghosts are racist

Acts of Racism by Ghost :ghost: aka Hyperdimensionals Category 2B’s and Category 4

Yeah their active at the moment. Their time is up!


Just don’t touch HD3

Gates Foundation doubles down on misinformation campaign at Cornell as African leaders call for agroecology - U.S. Right to Know

Time crystals…whoa :exploding_head:

Is trump really sick and quarantined or is this a coup?

Q !:bust_in_silhouette::bust_in_silhouette::bust_in_silhouette::bust_in_silhouette::bust_in_silhouette::bust_in_silhouette::bust_in_silhouette::bust_in_silhouette::bust_in_silhouette::bust_in_silhouette:

Morning laughs - because laughter is not only the best medicine, but the only thing keeping some of us sane. Or sane-adjacent. :rofl:

Satanic responses on that tweet are creepy. Invisible war isnt so invisible now

Timing might just be a convenient way to quarantine him, keep him safe without raising suspicion. If it’s a news story I tend to question it.

Just 4chan army being 4chan

Trump using magic against them?

I don’t know what’s happening but one thing I’m fairly certain of is that he doesn’t have Covid…

I think we’ll understand this retroactively as things unfold…

Quarantine is a great way to hide that he’s going underground.

There’s too much gold in the universe. No one knows where it came from. | Live Science

I thought the same. Either there’s a threat on him or SHTF soon.

Chess matches be like that

this gemantra thing is weirding bro…too many co incidences

⤻ reposted @0xxrzCU to this gemantra thing is weirding bro...too many co incidences

what is HD3