When a beloved healthcare worker on the frontline passes away :(

When a beloved healthcare worker on the frontline passes away :frowning:

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the rational part me wonders why it zoomed in at the start of the video, but the emotional part says these aren’t actors. gets me

You have people in coats who are off shift who stayed to say goodbye

While others have stepped out for a moment

So how do we prepare ourselves exactly

Have an appt tomorrow but after will do vid 2. MIght lead off with this

deleted try happy preppers or theprepared dot com


Hi from sunny Australia, where the virus can’t survive :joy:
Fantastic info, thanks for sharing!

Many ways, but also many variables ranging from location/budget/space/profession


Go you have 2 weeks, to one month worth of Water of food? Do you have a bugout plan or bag? Mask?

I’m not buying it

Not buying what?

The warm weather, no virus



Singapore weather is the same here in Queensland

Exactly why Australia had already been hit


How are you preparing


:large_blue_circle:北京市西城区政府有个湖北襄樊的人回来自己没有检查也没隔离直接去上班了2月12号这个人确诊了,造成西城区政府工作人员一下子确诊40多人,北京昨天才紧急出台 了无论哪儿的只要回京必须隔离14天。

:large_blue_circle: 关键伟大滴蔡书记十号刚去西城区政府大楼视察过,书记大人暴怒。蔡书记10号陪习近平在北京视察。:joy::joy: It ’s a big deal ~ Endless blind thinking!

:large_blue_circle:A person from Xiangfan, Hubei, Xicheng District, Beijing came back to work without inspection or isolation. On February 12, this person was diagnosed, causing more than 40 people to be diagnosed by the Xicheng District government staff. It was urgently issued by Beijing yesterday. No matter where you go, you must be isolated for 14 days.

:large_blue_circle: The key great secretary Di Cai just visited the Xicheng District Government Building on the 10th. On the 10th, Secretary Cai accompanied Xi Jinping to inspect in Beijing. :joy::joy: