WhatsApp group admins could land in hot water for content shared on the group

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Such bullshit

Shortly we will have no say in south africa. Just like the ccp inforced there ruling on cov-19

It’s all gonna change soon

I know, will telegram be saved though?

Isn’t it owned by Russians and operated out of Dubai? I could have this wrong. No group is immune from pressure and political power…

Thank you

Don’t think they’re dead though

Indeed, Russians who’ve told the Kremlin to fuck off

A dog wearing face mask is seen on a street as the country is hit by an outbreak of the novel coronavirus, in Shanghai, China. REUTERS

They don’t look dead

Anyone have any evidence to support the fact that it’s aerosol based?

I actually want to leave the group, so much bickering over racial issues and bullshyte, I am also just ranting :see_no_evil:, had a family member crap on me and basically telling me everyone thinks I am a fucken laugh being so serious over the flu :pensive:

1st death in the Netherlands :confused:

Have I offended you? This illnes is serious. I do know that. Having a bit of humor doesn’t make you think less of the situation. As for to the racial part, I am not sure to what you reffering too? This group is serious and now one here thinks you are crazy. All of us or most of us have been laughed at and worse. It’s a point of view and nothing personal.

I’m being laughed at everyday because of it, but most people has stopped laughing now

Hahah true that

We just passed the :100: mark in Norway :grimacing:

105 already :flushed: I look away for an hour and it keeps on ticking