What's up fam, I'm cranking on a shopping list.

What’s up fam, I’m cranking on a shopping list. I have already done a guide on masks, goggles, and gloves, plus an article on when and why to stay at home, plus a projections article which I will have to revise soon. So this will be my 4th Medium article. You are welcome to watch me as I work on it, and leave comments in the google doc if you think I should add anything

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fantastic. What’s the target audience? Never prepped for anything, intermediate?

Never prep to immediate I’d say


I find doomsday prep is a lot different than lockdown prep

The home depots in my area masks are sold out

For instance you need a lot of entertainment or you will go crazy and commit suicide. Maybe you want rope or bolt cutters to escape if you really needed to. Sad lessons from watching many Wuhan videos

Definitely less, but still a few Chinese amateur radio operators on the air the last week

From my upcoming Medium artcle:
We start with the protective gear because it’s very hard to get now. The often seen blue or yellow surgical masks are only for those who are already sick. The N95 respirator is what is selling out in Home Depots, Lowe’s and other hardware stores. So other places would be paint stores, like Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore. Also Auto Parts Stores, like Auto Zone and Advance Auto. However, the cheapest and least likely to be sourced so far is a tool retailer named Harbor Freight Tools. They have 1000 stores in the USA, so there is one nearby. They sell (2) N95 respirator masks for $3 which is a very good deal. It may not be as good a fit as 3M, but it’s way better than going to Youtube for DIY face masks. We like P or N100 from Honeywell because they have a foam gasket around the edge for tight fit, and the elastic bands are thick. It is very well made for a disposable, but surely gone. Buy 30-50 of them per person. 3M makes a small version called the 8110s for kids and people with smaller faces, but it’s pretty impossible to get until April. Best bet is Harbor Freight Tools.


“We’ve only tested less than 500 people, whereas other countries have tested 10,000s. Do you think we should test more people?” (paraphrased)


“We’re testing everyone we need to test, and we’re finding very little problem, very little problem” (verbatim)

Chinese customs service will not report the import/export data from January and February, they say they will report the numbers together with March’s data.

Hero reporter:

“How can you now legitimately trust President Xi to be forthcoming and forthright with this pandemic?”

Hero reporter:

“Fatality rate is 10-20x fatality rate of the flu. Does that worry you?”

So I guess the n95 only lasts 8 hours, but can you reuse it if you clean it in a solution? Or should I just wear a gas mask

I bought both

Also my mom works in an office ad does 1:1 sessions with people I’m concerned about her sharing space with people.

As well you should be

I am

I just don’t have to have as close of contact with people

Just checked 4 home depot and 2 lowes and harborfreight locally. No masks/respirators none all sold out.

Check oreilleys,dollars stores,dollar general,…

tractor supply has them, R95 and R95 refil packs

Trump saying no problem

Cases “decreasing” in China… from earlier stream when live