whats transaltion


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whats transaltion


What’s happening here Prisma


Starting to catch merchants asking for rent reduction, in Dongguan

开始抓要求减租的商户了,据说是 #东莞

Hi team got uncofirmed info from friend ex military that they will close districts in Poland from Monday will update about it if its confirmed

Friend’s post:

"Hey everyone - I’ve refrained from posting about COVID-19 for the past few weeks because I felt it was just not the right place and time.

And yet quietly, we were preparing. We spent 6 weeks stocking up, creating a plan, and executing it with my close family (which includes living with my parents back home). I spoke to my co-founders and created a mitigation plan for the business if everything went to zero. We tied up all loose ends - on everything. Outstanding medical appointments. Shipments. Debt. Investments. One last marathon (the Princess Half Marathon at Disney World - highly recommend!),

Over the past few days, I have heard from over 30 people - 20 today alone - wondering what the fuck to do. People are scared. And rightly so. I’m scared too. In fact, I haven’t been this scared ever in my life.

There’s one message I have found comforting through it all:

Prepare for War.

The next 3 months will test us. Because we’ve never actually been tested.

The next 3 months will bring stories of heroism, sacrifice, and hell we’ve never seen this side of the world. Because we’ve always been cared for and had plenty.

So - what can you do?

First, you can buy 3-4 weeks of food and water. The power isn’t going out. The water isn’t going out so go buy regular food that can store for a few weeks. Stores still have supplies now but I do not expect that to last long. Maybe just days.

Second, STAY. AT. HOME. Aside from fostering your own health and wellbeing, you are preventing this from impacting those you love and who are more susceptible. If you job allows you to work from home but your employer refuses to let it happen, threaten them with a lawsuit (I am serious).

Third, throw your plans AWAY. The next 3-6 months - and likely the entire year - is a complete wash. It’s a lost year. Your life and that of those around you is more important than the Wedding, Bar Mitzvah, Birthday Party, Bachelor Party, or whatever you had planned in peacetime. This is war. The sooner you come to this realization, the faster you can plan.

Fourth, be prepared to adapt. Darwinism stakes its case of survival on those who are most adaptive. This is going to change fluidly so your plan should have a strong focus on mobility (i.e. if you need to leave your initial shelter in place).

And fifth. This one is the worst. Sorry.

Understand that this is a multi-faceted problem with significant differentials in outcomes based on what I could call - cascading failure. Understand the domino effect on a macro level of the risk of mass shutdowns preventing - say - the electoral primaries from finishing, thus challenging or even preventing the election this fall from occurring.

What do you think people’s reaction would be? What would YOUR reaction be?

Similar cascades can occur with our food supply, America’s small businesses thus leaving millions unemployed, and the most obvious, our healthcare system.

The only other time this happens - at this scale is during…


We will come out of this - and emerge stronger, more capable, and more cohesive. I do believe that this could bring our country together in a way we’ve never seen before. We just have to get through it.

Be well. Godspeed."


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Jay They protested against the gov, idk more details

People in Australia calling for mass Street protest to make government cancel gp. That’s contradictory behaviour… Let’s have a mass gathering to protest against having a mass gathering… Logic is gone for many lol

Spain just added a heap

Lol :slight_smile: but this year was planned many demonstration against many gov now it won’t be any

Ok we now have a channel

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[True and Fake] Incheon Airport, South Korea
Staged the tide of returning home, did you think about it? :thinking: