What's the name of the video?

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What’s the name of the video?

If you are in this group you have an advantage, the name is Doomsday Preppers, guess what? Doomsday has arrived. What is happening in USA is rapidly spreading around the world like wildfire.

Instead of debating politics and trying to find reasons why this is happening use the resources the admins of the channels have graciously shared with us.

The admins don’ need to educate us, if you want to survive and rebuild you have very little time to accomplish basic things. It looks the social unrest will trigger martial law.

If memory doesn’t fails me the last martial law applied to the whole USA (not state martial law) was enacted by Lincoln.

Post offices and delivery vans are been attacked your window to order from Amazon might have passed. If you are lucky a couple of stores might still be open but it seems its open season for looters.

If you don’t have a Ham Radio what are you waiting for to get one? You have a Ham radio, great!! You know how to use it? Did you establish a network?

Do you have garden supplies?

Do you have solar power?

We are in a very limited timeline, stop the politics, concentrate on actionable intelligence to survive and save your loved ones.

Someone thinks you are crazy? do not waste your time educating, move on that train is gone and there is none coming back.

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